Thursday, December 13, 2012

Give Me Five: Favorite Christmas Songs

 It is no secret I start listening to nothing but Christmas Music usually starting before Thanksgiving (Sometimes starting right after Halloween!) & not ending until after New Years! It used to drive my Family crazy, but now they've come to expect (and accept) it! :) I LOVE all Christmas Music, but I do have some favorites! And they are . . .

1. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
"From now on our Troubles will be far away!"
My all time favorite! 
My Family knows that it does not matter 
what time of year I might pass away,
but this song will be sung at my Funeral! :) 

2. Silver Bells  
"It's Christmas Time in the City!"
And this City Girl Loves it! 

3. We Three Kings 
I've always said the Chorus was written about me:
"Star of Wonder, Star of Light,
Star with Royal Beauty Bright!" :)

4. Silent Night 
"Sleep in Heavenly Peace
Sleep in Heavenly Peace!" 
I used to sing this to my Babies in the middle of the night, 
when trying to get them to sleep
and now sometimes sing it to myself when I can't sleep! :)
5. Where Are You Christmas?
From Faith Hill for the Grinch Soundtrack
"The joy of Christmas
Stays here inside us"

The only Christmas Song I've never really liked is George Michael's Last Christmas. But in recent years it's been remade by Glee & Taylor Swift (among others!) and I don't mind it so much anymore. So, there you have it! My Favorite Christmas Songs! Are there Christmas Songs you just love (or hate?) Do Tell!

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