Monday, October 6, 2008

Birthday Party Planning

One of the most fun things for me is planning Birthday parties! I love coming up with themes and games, and everything that goes along with that. Although, on a Pastor's salary, we've never been able to throw the real elaborate birthday parties for our kids. We can't rent out places, or hire special people as characters to come to our parties. But, I think my kids have always had great parties (If I do say so myself!). I always plan parties with that child in mind, and think about what they are into that year? Kyle has had a lot of superhero parties throughout the years. I remember one year while we lived in Michigan, the World Cup Soccer Tournament came to Detroit. So, Kyle had a World Cup Soccer Birthday party. We got T-shirts for the tournament and played every kind of game you can think of that can use a soccer ball. Zach always liked things like Thomas The Tank Engine and NASCAR. And when the boys got older they liked taking their friends to the movies for their party.

The girls love planning their party as much as I do. They talk about it all year. They've had everything from Princesses, to Mickey & Minnie Mouse, to Tinkerbell parties. One year they had a Wizard of Oz party. Erica dressed up like Glinda the good witch, and Lexi was Dorthy. The invitations told their friends to come dressed like munchkins. We played a Wizard of Oz trivia game and Musical Ruby Red Slippers (as opposed to Musical Chairs!) One brilliant idea I had was to have their party on a night The Disney Channel was having a movie premier. They could invite all the girls in their class from school, and all their friends from church. We didn't have to plan any games. Everyone was excited to see the new Disney Movie, which no one had seen yet (another bonus.) All the other moms kept telling me what a good idea that was...and it was easy!

So this year I did something different. The girls did not know what I was planning. During the last few months I would give them clues. They've been into spies like Nancy Drew lately. And last Christmas John bought me a vintage Clue game. I always liked playing that game. Well, the girls have been playing it all year and really love it too. So it was exciting to them that their party was a mystery. Turing 10 last year they had two bigger than normal parties. The party we planned and then a friend from church actually through them a surprise party at a place called Girly Girls, they got make-overs with hair, make-up, and nails. It was a big to-do. So, I knew I wanted to have a small party this year. So, we had an American Girl Doll Samantha Mystery Party. I found the whole party game, including invitations, scripts and everything you need on the web site on sale really cheep. It's a role playing game, designed for 8 girls, and with twins, that's two already! They are instructed in the invitation how to dress like their character. And you act out the script and solve a mystery. It was set in the early 1900's, so everyone dressed accordingly, and we had a Victorian Tea Party, we served quiche, rolls, grapes, pretzels cookies and cream puffs. It was a lot of fun. All the girls really had a good time going back in time. My girls have the Samantha and her best friend Nellie dolls, so, it was fun for them to play those characters they've read books about for a night. And We love to dress up!

What are some of your best party ideas? I'm always looking for new, different ideas, as is every mother I know.


stefanie said...

Fun! I am so not creative in the party department, but we did have a disco party once complete with music, 70's food (Bugles and squeeze cheese, blech!), and parents dressed in disco attire. It was pretty memorable!

It sounds like I should be asking you for advice...we have a sweet 16 coming in 7 months. Ideas???

Star Forbis said...

Disco Rules! ;)

For both my boy's "Sweet 16" we used our church's full size gym. They could invite their whole youth group, all their cousins and friends from school. (that could never fit in my house!) We played Basketball & Volleyball, etc. It was a lot of fun, though probably wouldn't fly for girls!

stefanie said...

Yes, my girl *hates* games, though she has been participating recently, to my surprise.

I have lots of time to think about it. Maybe I'll ask her what she wants instead of trying to surprise, since it's not a surprise anyway...

Becky Welch said...

What a great idea!! I love planning birthday parties and we are on a budget as well. Check out my labels on the side of my blog for my birthday parties. We had a Little House on the Prairie party and a baseball party this year.