Friday, October 10, 2008


Yes, My Man is still out of town. But, today is his Birthday!

So, I thought I'd share with you some of the things I love about him. . .

- He Rocks!
Ever since I was a teenybopper I have loved musicians. (Admit it, you have too.) And he does it better than anyone! He sings, plays guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar, and drums. I love listening to him.

- He Cooks!
Yes, that's right. He loves to cook. (And I love to eat. A match made in heaven!) So he does it often, I'm very lucky.

- He's a Good Dad!
He has always been engaged in our kids lives. From changing their first diapers in the hospital, to being at most of their sporting, musical, school or church events, cheering them on. To playing & hanging out with them now.

- He's Funny!
One of my favorite things in people is their sense of Humor, and he has a good one. (He has to, to be able to put up with me!) I love to laugh, and we laugh often.

- He's Smart!
When I get to the point were I can no longer help the kids with their homework, I can say "wait till Dad gets home & he can help you" and he can.

- He's a Techno. Geek!
I never thought I would marry a nerd, but, I did. A cool Nerd, but, a nerd none the less. It's so helpful to me that he knows how computers, phones, and any other kind of gadget works. So I don't have to! ; )

- He Encourages me to be me!
In all our 20+ years together, he's never tried to turn me into something or someone I'm not. He lets me be me, and encourages me to try new things and pursue whatever interest I have. (He is my Blogs biggest fan!, or maybe he's just my biggest fan. Either way I'm very grateful.)

- He's my Best Friend!
He listens to me and really cares about me, and has always been there for me. We love to spend time together.

And that's just a few of his good qualities. I hope you feel like you know him a little better now. He really is a great guy!

Happy Birthday Babe. I love you so much.

I can't wait till you get home tomorrow.


Debbie said...

HI Star! What a wonderful post and a wonderful way to love, honor, and respect your husband! And if I were to guess, he is blessed to have you as well!

Thanks for stopping by Blog Around the World. You are all linked up. Check back daily to see where in the world we are headed next!

Darcine said...

Happy belated birthday, John. Hope you will get to celebrate big when you get home. Star, that was really a nice blog. Love to you all. Also, if memory serves me right, you also have an anniversary coming up. So, happy anniversary to both of you.


Anonymous said...

It's all TRUE! Wow Starlet*, you described him perfectly! What a man!
love you guys mucho,