Monday, October 20, 2008

A Chip Off The Ole Block

This past Sunday we had our Youth Worship Band lead worship in our main service. Which means Zach was the Worship leader. Zach leads worship in youth on Wednesdays, and he plays guitar on John's worship team as well. Kyle sings and plays drums both in youth and for John. It was exciting for the kids and for the church as well. They Rocked! They all did such a great job. It was really a lot of fun.

Zach feels called to follow in his dad's footsteps and become a Worship Pastor. He did really well yesterday. I'm such a proud mama! Unfortunately I can't really take any credit for any of this, since I'm pretty much the only one in the family that is NOT musical in any way! Oh well. I wanted to mark the occasion, and share a few pic.'s with you. Thanks for letting me brag a little. ;)

The Team

Kyle at the Drums

Zach leading Worship
Kyle's girlfriend Olivia is playing Guitar


stefanie said...

Great pics! Looks like they did a great job.

I understand, proud mama. I'm not musical either. Somehow, I'm more proud of my kids when they do something I can't do than when they do something I can.

Darcine said...

You guys are so amazing!!! I love reading about your family! Star, I think you and I should be back up dancers for the band. I might be able to play the tambourine, or better yet, the kazoo. :o) If nothing else, we'll have to get by with our good looks. :O) Hey, some people have musical talent-others have looks. I'm pretty content with good looks. :o) Lots of love.

Anonymous said...

Hey Starlet*

How awesome is that! God is an amazing God, that He could take a quiet, shy little kid and transform him into a worshipper who leads others into His presence to worship and praise Him!

love you ALL,

Karen said...

Yey proud're right! They did a fantastic job!!!!

SITS Girls said...

You should be proud!

You roll called perfectly.

If yo have any questions, just ask! We read all the comments!


Brooke said...

Stopping by from SITS. Looks like a fun time. Welcome to the SISTSahood! :)