Monday, April 30, 2012

Soul Surfer

It was such a Great Movie, we saw it twice in the Theater last year, when it came out! (And of course I cried both times, because, that's what I do!) :) It stars Annasophia Robb (one of my girls favorite actresses) Helen Hunt, Denis Quaid & Carrie Underwood.

It's the true story of a young girl in Hawaii, with dreams of becoming a professional surfer, who is well on her way, when she is attacked by a Shark. She survives the attack, but looses her arm. Are her dreams of surfing professionally over? (You will have to watch the Movie to find out.) My girls were so inspired by her story. As soon as we walked out of the Theater, they were on Twitter & Facebook, finding & following Bethany Hamilton. They are, after all MY Daughters! :)

After seeing the movie my Girls just had to read the Book as well. (Again, Like Mother, Like Daughters!) :) It's a little on a younger level than they were reading, but they we're so inspired by Bethany & her story, they read it anyway, and did a Book Report for school on her story. You know we all think we are Hawaiian anyway, since we've taken Hula lessons, and love anything to do with Hawaii! So, don't burst our bubble & tell us we're not! 

Well it's a year latter & my Daughter saw Bethany had Tweeted that she would be speaking in the Phoenix area. And she begged me to take her & her sister to see her. Now, you know my husband is a Worship Pastor at a Church. So going to see Bethany Hamilton speak would mean this Pastor's Wife & Pastor's Kids would have to play Hooky from our own Church, & go visit a different Church where she was speaking on a Sunday morning. So, guess what we did? We played Hooky & went to a different Church to see Bethany Hamilton speak! (Please, don't tell on us!) :)

My girls were so Excited to go! It was a Church in Scottsdale, AZ. The Pastor kind of "Interviewed" Bethany, asking her questions & letting her share her inspiring story. She's so fun to listen to, with her Surfer Lingo, using words like: "Rad", "Stoked" & "Gnarly!" :) On the way home we were talking about the lessons she'd learned & the advice she shared for young people, which was: The Decisions You Make Now Will Effect The Rest Of Your Life! And to Choose Your Friends Wisely! Then my 14 year old Daughter reminded me that she had also advised them to Listen To Your Parents! How could I have missed that one? Glad my Girls caught it though! :) Love it!

Thank you Bethany Hamilton, for being an Inspiration, to not only my Girls, but to Teenagers & Kids everywhere! And if you have not seen the Movie Soul Surfer yet, run right out & buy or rent it now! You won't be sorry!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We're On Your Way!

I'm excited to tell you 
I've accepted a new job! 

It's with Avila Retail Company.
They have 8 specialty shops 
inside the Phoenix International Airport! 

I will be what's called a Shift Lead,
helping to oversee the 4 stores in Terminal 4. 

I now have a Parking pass for the airport! 
That in itself is worth the job! :) 
I had to be fingerprinted to be able to go through security. 
 It's funny, the airport is really just like a Mall,
Only the customers are pulling luggage behind them. :) 
I've already seen some very interesting things at the Airport! 
I can see a new Blog Series forming! :) 

I've always loved the Airport. 
And what a fun & ever changing place to work!
If you ever find yourself at the Phoenix Airport, 
stop by one of our stores & see me. 
We're On Your Way! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bye Bye, BBW!

After a year and a half, 
I have said goodbye to Bath & Body Works.
It's been a tough run.

Some of the girls brought me flowers for my last Floor Set! 
I will miss these sweet, fun girls.
We've had some good times together. 

On my last night, closing the store,
about 6 of the girls came in to tell me goodbye. 
Some of them brought in little animal cakes! 

I bought myself a going away present, 
the brand new Fragrance; Wild Citrus Sunflower! :)
After, of course, selling the heck out of it! 

They also brought me in some flowers, 
including my favorite: Sunflower! 

And these silly girls brought in Glow in the Dark Stars! 
Which they hid all around the store! Ha ha!!

I sure hope they don't get in trouble for it 
when they are discovered! :) 
It's nice to know I will be remembered and missed. 

Bye bye Bath & Body Works!
Though I may not be working there any longer, 
I will be a customer for life! 
See Ya! 

Monday, April 9, 2012

High School Reunion

Maryvale High School Panthers!
Class of 1982

Yes, it's true. I have been out of High School for 30 years! How can that be?
It just seems so Impossible!
Last weekend we had our 30 year Reunion.

I took a hot date with me: my Husband of almost 25 years!
It's so hard to decide what to wear!
This dinner was less formal.

When I got to the table to register, the restaurant worker checking us in
was trying to guess who was who on the name badges.
When I walked up she looked at me, looked down & said "Are you Star?"
When I said I was, she yelled, "Yes, I got one right!"
Guess that means I look at least somewhat the same as I did 30 years ago! :)

I went to our 10 year reunion, and it was huge.
I missed the 20 year, since we lived out of state at that time.
The 30 year was MUCH smaller!

Some of the girls!
Still looking good, if we do say so ourselves! (And believe me, we do!) :)
(Left to Right: Reine Nelsen Laschen, Lisa Lerma, Christina Mora Clayborn,
Katie Donavich Bieschke, Laurie Groscost Freeman, Maryann Tarango,
Debbie Ferrero Encinas, Dana Opermiller Hogan, Maria ustillos Robles,
Melissa Laidlaw Annis, Me, Leslie Pheiffer)

With Tom Hutchinson, the Student Body President.
We also grew up in the same Church together!

On Sunday afternoon we had a family picnic.
And played some Kickball!
Well I didn't of course! But my kids & some of my classmates played!
(namely: Reine & Christina)
I told them, remember I took Dance, so I wouldn't have to take P.E.! :)
(Pictured L-R: Reine, Christina, Maryann, Dana, Me & Maia)

Dana (Who I knew since Elementary School) & I,
with our 14 year old Daughters!

There is a Pizza & Wings place in Glendale, AZ called Pullano's
who's owners went to my High School.
And on the first Saturday every April they host a Maryvale night!
It's open to all class years!
There were classes representing the 60's through the 90's!
It's great to see neighbors you grew up with or siblings of your classmates, etc.
And this year it happen to fall the week after our Reunion.
So 1982 was well represented!
And I must say we were the loudest class there! :)

I got to see an old friend, Jill Brooks Boughner,
who I used to walk home from school with.
She didn't make it to the reunion. It was really great to catch up with her.
My Older Brother, Danny who graduated MANY years before
us is also in this picture. :)
It was a great time of catching up with old classmates & Friends!
And reliving the past, for just a moment!
Because after all . . .