Wednesday, March 18, 2020

What To Read While In Quarentine Or Self-Isolating

With the Coronavirus Pandemic, and everyone having to spend more time at home right now, I thought I would Curate a List of Books to Read, no matter your age or what genre you like to read. All Books having to do with Isolation, weather by choice or due to circumstances. Some of these books I'm sure you may have read, or at the very least have heard of. I have read them all, and would not recommend them if I didn't like them. Give them a try & let me know what you think. And add any other suggestions you might have.  

I felt so strongly about this that it is bringing me back to my Blog! I know it's been way too long since I have blogged. But I will leave that for another Blog Post at another time.  So, if you are looking for something to read while feeling isolated, I got you covered! 


 A true story of a man so full of social anxiety that he escapes into the woods to live as a hermit. Living completely alone, he stole books to read for entertainment! I found this so interesting. I listened to this one on Audio. So good.

 Hiding in an attic with her Jewish family & others from the Nazis during World War II, 
this young girls diary is both enlightening & heart wrenching. 
Everyone should read this book in their lifetime.

A brilliant Doctor gets terminal cancer & writes about the ending of his life. 
This book is both eye opening and heart breaking. 
Be prepared, you will cry. 

Historical Fiction:

Set in France in World War II. But different than any other WWII fiction you've read!
You get the perspective of a young blind girl forced out of Paris to stay with her reclusive uncle, 
and a young German boy forced into the Nazi Party.  

A young family move to Alaska in the 70's to self isolate themselves.
Which as it turns out, in this case, isn't the healthiest thing for them. 
The backdrop of Alaska becomes another character of the book itself!

Science Fiction: 

I don't read a lot of Science Fiction, but this one was pretty interesting. What if there are parallel universes happening simultaneously? And what if you could access them? 
Would you explore the roads not taken? And what would you do to get back to the life you built? 

Christian Fiction: 

A young girl riddled with anxiety, won't go outside of the old Museum she & her mom run & live in. 
True confession time; I don't read a lot of Christian Fiction, because it can be cheesy & predictable, but this is neither, and I actually really liked it.

This book will challenge your thoughts on God and why terrible things happen. 
If you've never read it, now might be a good time. 
It's not what your think.


 A little girl abandoned, grows up alone in the marsh land.
Someone is killed and the girl, now a young woman, is arrested & tried for the crime.  
But who did it? This one is also a good listen on Audio. 


For those of you, like me, who love to read or re-read the tried & true Classics, 
this one is for you.
Orphaned & an outcast, will Jane be alone and exiled again? 

 A great story of teens in the 50's and society's expectations of them.
When two of the young men find themselves in a situation 
that requires them to hide out in an abandoned church.


Need a great reminder to be thankful? 
Or how to find things great and small, in the everyday and ordinary to be grateful for? 
This book will stay with you forever & inspire to start your own list of gifts. 

Young Adult: 

From the writer of The Fault In Our Stars. 
This is a story of a girl who wants to escape, and the boy who wants to find her. 
The Book is much better than the Movie!

I love this Book so much! It's about a guy planning on dying and a girl learning to live. 
I love books that make you feel! Whether that is laughing or crying. 
But if you only read books with happy endings, this isn't the book for you. 


 For young boys. 
A story of crime, punishment and redemption. 
A good one to read it as a family.

 Well, as an extrovert, if I had to be left alone, 
what better place than the Plaza Hotel? 
So cute!

 If like me, you have grandbabies that are obsessed with Trains, 
there is no better book than this one! 
The opposite of Isolation, a toy train for the first time ever, finds himself out in the big world, 
and just want's to make his way back home! 

This is an oldie but goodie, if you can find it. 
An actual favorite of mine as a girl! 
What could a girl possibly find to do alone with nothing but a box and her imagination?!  

I believe you should be able to get most of these titles from Amazon, Kindle, or on Audible if you prefer to listen to books on tape. And even though most Independent Bookstores have temporarily closed down, many are doing curb side pick-up. So, Happy Reading. And stay safe. I'm Praying that you and yours remain Happy and Healthy.