Monday, July 30, 2012

Farewell Retail!

Yes, it's true. I am saying goodbye to Retail . . .
as a Career, not as a Therapy! :) 

I started working Retail my first job right out of High School! (Just a few years ago, mind you!) I worked for Lerner's (which is now New York & Co. BTW) I've also worked for J.C. Penny's, The Boston Store & Casual Corner. Name a Mall in the Greater Phoenix area & I've worked it! Once I got married I moved to office work for the more consistent hours. Then once I had kids, I chose to stay home with them.

When my kids got older & I wanted to move back into the work force, having enjoyed retail, I went back to it. If you are a reader of my Blog you know, in recent years, I've Managed a Clothing Store, then moving on to Bath & Body Works & now at Specialty shops in the Phoenix Airport.

Working at the Airport is fun! It's different from day to day and you meet people from all over the world. I'll Blog soon about some of what I've witnessed while there! But there are some issues that come with it; living in a major city, the commute to the airport is about 40 to 45 minutes. I park in the garage at Terminal 3 & take a shuttle to Terminal 4. So I leave home an hour before I'm scheduled to be at work. So even if I work a 7 hour shift, I'm gone 9. And the money I spend in gas really adds up. And the major issue for me is the Airport is open EVERY day of the year! Holiday's included. I've worked Memorial Day, Father's Day & the 4th of July! When you have a family that doesn't work so well. With school starting back up soon for my girls, if I work every Weekend & every Holiday, I'd never seen them! That doesn't work for me.

So, I am embarking down a new Career Path. I've gotten a job at Desert Schools Federal Credit Union, starting out as a Teller & working up from there! And I couldn't be more excited! It's close to home, a 15 or 20 minute drive, which means much less gas money & time away. They are not open on Sundays and as a Pastor's wife, you can guess how important that is to me. And 11 paid Holiday's a year! :) It's a good company with great Benefits!

I'm very grateful for this opportunity. It's a good move for me & a great one for my family!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Though I love the Movie of the same name, this Blog post is not about that. Sorry, Bette Midler fans!  I had to interrupt my Vacation posts to celebrate my sons Birthday, so I'm now returning to Vacation. (And I sure do wish that was meant literally!) 

No trip to California would be complete without a trip to the Beach. I heart the Beach! And though we live in the Arizona Desert, we have instilled in our kids a love of the Beach as well! On this trip to San Diego we tried a new Beach on Coronado Island. It was absolutely Beautiful! 

Beach Baby's:





 And Yours Truly

 My nephew Justin, his wife Stefaney & son Rylind

 My "baby" Brother Richard, playing with Rylind, his Grandbaby! :)

 Rylind not only loved the Beach, but the sand itself! 
I'm sure he took some of it home with him! :)

 This is how I spent most of the day on the Beach! 
Barefoot in the sand, reading a good Book called Barefoot! 
True Bliss!
And I had the sunburn to prove it! 
The kids had a great time catching crabs!
They are braver than I am!

 Kyle took this picture with his iPhone!

After spending an Amazing day on the beach, we went back to the hotel to get cleaned up a little! Everyone jumped in the hotel pool to help get the sand off of us! Then it was off to Mission Beach for dinner & to watch the Sunset on another Beautiful Beach!
 No, that's not Frankie & Annette, it's us! :) 

 Richard & Cindy, just like Danny & Sandy: Summer Lovin! :)

And Gidget: Alarie! :)
(I told you I love the Beach, guess that includes Beach Movies too!)

 Erica jumping for Joy to be in one of her favorite places!

 Listen carefully; when the sun hits the water, you can hear it sizzle! :) 

 "Zach & Kendra, sittin on a Beach!"
Oh, I guess that's supposed to be sittin in a tree,
but, you gotta admit, the Beach is way better! :)

 My Beautiful girls! 

 This picture reminds me of the Movie: City Of Angels!
(The Angels watching the sunset, in this case are; Stefaney, Alarie, Lexi, Kyle & Erica)

 Love this picture of Alarie! 

 And this one of Zach & Kendra. 

 Another Cool shot!

 God's artwork! 

The next day before we hit the road headed home, we went back to Coronado Island. It's such a cute little town. We walked & shopped & had lunch there. 

 John got a great deal on a bike!
And they shipped it to Arizona for free!
All our kids have & ride bikes, guess this means I'll be next. 
(My legs are sore already!)

 You know I love Starfish, and you know, I also love Christmas, 
well, I found a Starfish Christmas Ornament! I love it!
So before we left, we went to say our Goodbye's to the Beach, 
and I had to take a pic of my Starfish on the Sand! :)
Now I'll have a little of Summer for Christmas!

 Time spent on the Beach with my Family means
this Beach Bunny's heart is full!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Birthday Boy!

 Happy Birthday Kyle!
There's a New Year full of Adventure ahead!

22 years ago today I became a Mother!
To a Bouncing Baby Boy!

He has always been such a fun kid!
(First day of School)

But he grew up way too fast!  
(High School Graduation)

We are so Proud of the Man he has become! 
(Graduating from College with an Associates in Biblical Studies)

God has great things in store!
And it starts Today!
Happy Birthday!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sea World

 We had a Great day at Sea World 
while we were in San Diego, California

 This was the last time I was at Sea World, 
it was my boys first time there!
That's me in the pink top, my oldest son Kyle in the striped overalls
& my other son Zach in the stroller.
We're with my Mom & Dad, my sister Debbie & brother in law Tom,
who are all in Heaven now. 
Also pictured are my Nieces Alysha & Morgan.

 This is our family now! 
And this was my girls first time to Sea World!

 The kids with Zach's girlfriend Kendra! 

My Nephew Justin, his lovely wife Stefaney & their son Rylind
This was Rylind first trip to Sea World as well! 

 My "little" brother Richard & his Beautiful wife Cindy
with Shamu! 
 I don't know who's more scared, Rylind or Shamu?! :)

 The Shamu show! 

 Twins on a Turtle! :) 

My sister & I back then "being" Flamingos! :)

My girls, my Niece Alarie & I honored Debbie with our Flamingo stance! 

 John & all the kids were in line to ride this Rollercoaster,
they were next to get on when it broke down! 
And it never re-opened that day! :(

 But they did ride this one!

And got soaked, for the 2nd time that day!

But Sea World now has dryers you can stand in & get blown dry! :) 

The Dolphin Show! 

 Kendra getting up close & personal with a Sting Ray!

 The Seal & Sea Lion Show!

 And don't worry, we found Nemo! 

 Crazy Cousins! 
Kyle & Alarie on the Baywatch boat!

 Lexi & Erica take it for a spin!

 Kendra & Zach being cute! :)

Surf's Up! 
Us "Hanging Ten!" 

 Okay, maybe it's my name, but I have a thing for Starfish! 

This was my Favorite picture from that first trip to Sea World, 
of Zach & I with a Starfish! 
He wanted to reenact this photo, 
but if he sat on my lap now you wouldn't see me! :) 

Our new friend! 

 Kyle at the Starfish pond! 

 Lexi & Alarie getting in there! 

 Erica Starr with her Starfish! 

 Watching Shamu form underneath! 

The girls doing what they do: Tweeting or Texting, 
while Shamu tries to read what they are saying about him!

 I had a Brilliant idea if I do say so myself (and of course I do!)
I had everyone turn & look at me then when Shamu swam by I'd get a shot. 
As you can tell, the first attempt was cute, but not perfect. 
So I had them all "sit down, face me, 
hold that pose, keep smiling, don't turn around.
I'll let you know when Shamu is about to swim by."
People were laughing at us! 
Until they saw my shot that is . . .

 Best shot of the day! 
Back Row: Kyle, Zach, 
Justin, Rylind (the only one that turned around!) & Stefaney.
Front Row: Kendra, Alarie, Lexi & Erica
That was so nice of Shamu to cooperate with us wasn't it?!