Monday, September 29, 2008

A Lesson Learned At The Emmys

Last week I watched a little bit of the Emmy Awards. And usually all those acceptance speeches get long and boring, with the I'd like to thank all the "little People". . . But as I was watching this year, there was a part in an acceptance speech that actually meant something to me as a mom. When it was said I actually said out loud "I Love That she just said that!"

It was Tina Fey from Saturday Night Live. She is also a writer/producer of her own show called 30 Rock. I've never really watched 30 Rock, but maybe I should because it won a ton of Emmy Awards for best comedy, the writing, the acting, and more.

I wanted to get the quote right so I googled it and watched again. Tina Fey said, Quote: "I want to thank my parents for somehow raising me to have confidence that is disproportionate with my looks and abilities. Well done. That is what all parents should do." Unquote. I love that!

I've never said it in so many words, but, That is what I've longed to do for my children. Let them know that they can do or be anything they put their mind to. And to know that they are perfect just the way God created them. That they don't have to try to fit the mold of the world. To look or act any certain way, or to try to be something they're not just to be accepted. And of course I fail at times. I say the wrong things sometimes. But, I hope they can see my heart. (or at least read it in my Blog) ; )

Way to go Tina Fey's parents! This is a lesson all parents could use.

And to think we learned something at the Emmy's!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Take Your Dad To School Day

Since John has been working 24/7 on The Praise Celebration, he took some time off this week to go with the girls to school. It was "Take Your Dad To School Day!" They were so excited. They talked non stop all week (what else is new?!) and told him all about their teachers and all their friends he would get to meet. He had to divide his time between both classes. He even got to eat in the school cafeteria! A real treat! Spending a day in 5th grade once again probably isn't his favorite way to spend his time, but they all enjoyed it (the girls more so than John, I think) and I think he may have even learned a thing or two. . . Not "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?" type of things, but more about pre-teen girls type of things. Welcome to my world! Getting to see your kids among their peers can be very eye opening. And realizing they're not just our kids, but they are at the same time friends, and students, and someones crushes. ouch!

Also on Wednesday, before he went to school with the girls, John actually went to High School with the boys as well. It was national "See You At The Pole" day. When students all around the country gather together at their school's flagpoles to pray for their schools, their teachers, their friends, and the country. At my boys High School there were over 30 students worshiping, and praying together for all to see. As a Youth Pastor, John always went to the schools of some of our students, now as a Dad, it's even greater to get to go with your own kids.

Four Kids, Two Schools, One Day. What a Man!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moms In The Media

I am reading a book called: The Mother-Daughter Project (How Mothers and Daughters Can Band Together, Beat the Odds, and Thrive Through Adolescence) It is a little more liberal in some areas than I am, but it does have some good points in it, as well as ideas for keeping daughters connected with their mothers through what can be a difficult time.

Here is an excerpt; "Many movie and sitcom moms make mother-loathing seem appropriate, since they portray mothers as diabolical (Desperate Housewives), clueless (the mom in the otherwise mostly girl-positive movie 'She's the Man'), or (incredibly often) dead (Whale Rider, Stripes, Fly Away Home, and a plethora of Disney cartoons from Snow White to Bambi to Finding Nemo). There are relatively few media portrayals of overtly positive mother-daughter relationships and smart, loving moms, though thankfully some do exist, such as in the movie (and book) Cheaper by the Dozen. With little experience for comparison, your daughter may take in the media presentation of teens as back-talking mother-haters as the model to aspire to. . . your daughter is drawn further toward the idea that she is supposed to pull away and treat you with disdain, too, even when she really doesn't want to pull away form you." (pg. 158)

As I read this I started really thinking about all the movies and T.V. shows I watch, and how true this is. Shows I grew-up watching like I Love Lucy, where Lucy acted like, and was treated like a child by her husband. One of my favorite shows of all time is Happy Days. And thinking about it, I realized that Mrs. C wasn't really all that involved in her kids lives. Then all those Disney movies like Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and my favorite, Beauty and the Beast, that shows girls not to just go for the guy with the looks. (And Belle loves to read, a girl after my own heart!) The mom is always dead, and sometimes replaced by an evil step mother. Why is this?
Even my new favorite movie, Nancy Drew. I love this movie and it's mostly girl empowering, but there is no Mother. Even in some of my favorite Shirley Temple movies, and my girls favorite Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Movies, they play Orphans. There are not many movies and/or T.V. shows that show a close Mother-Daughter relationship. This is very disheartening to me as a Mother!

As I racked my brain (not hard to do!) I did come up with some good shows, with positive Mother role models. This is one of the reasons My favorite T.V. show of all time (John & the kids bought me the entire series for Christmas last year) is Gilmore Girls. It's about a single mother and her teenage daughter. Yes, they may argue or disagree on things, but, they talk about everything, and work it out. It's not cheesy either. I LOVE that show! Another one we always watched as a family while it was on was 7th Heaven. It is a little cheesy, but it was about a Pastor and his family. And they dealt with real issues. The movie Stepmom was on T.V. the other day, and it has TWO pretty strong mother figures.

And as far as books go, you can't go wrong with my favorite Little Women! And if your girls are not into The American Girl Dolls, I highly recommend them. Each doll represents a time in American History, and comes with a book about her life. Four of them have been made into movies. The last one, Kit was in Theaters, the other three, Samantha, Felicity and Molly were made for T.V. movies. All are really good. And all have good Mother-Daughter relationships.

There is also a new show on T.V. called The Secret Life of the American Teenager. From the creators of 7th Heaven. Now, be warned, it has a lot of content that needs parental guidance. It is about teenage pregnancy. You may or may not want to watch this one. But, I would not let my kids watch it if I didn't watch it with them. It can be great for starting conversations with your kids on touchy subjects. But it does have some pretty good Mother-Daughter relationships portrayed, and well as bad ones. The funny thing is that the main mom, soon to be grandmother (hence, the teenage pregnancy) is Molly Ringwald, the quintessential teenager in all my girl movies from back in the day. Like The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink. When did we grow up?

So, think about it: What are some of your favorite Movies, T.V. shows and books? And what kind of Mother-Daughter, (or Mother-Son) relationships do they portray? Do they encourage our kids to be close to and talk to their parents? And are they the kind of parents we want to be?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Senior Year - Part 2

Remember when you were in High School? The senior favorites list came out, and we all wanted to see if we had made the list. It has things like The Best Dressed, Prettiest Eyes, etc. Well this year, Kyle was on his list. He was voted by his senior class (of over 800 students) as "Hairy Hunk!" And for those of you who know my husband John, you know Kyle comes by it naturally.

My first post about his Senior Year was about the day I took him to register for his last year of school, : ( and on that day, he & I were sitting, waiting to be called for our turn to have his schedule changed. Kyle was talking with another student he knew about the football season, since this kid was on the team. Another student who knew the kid Kyle was talking to came up to say hi, and looked over at Kyle & I and asked his friend "Are these your parents?" The kid said "No! that's Forbis and his mom!" We all had a good laugh. I tried to take it as though I look SO young, he thought I could be married to an 18 year old! (Wishful Thinking, I know!) But, since Kyle has been able to grow a beard since he was a freshman, and really is a "Hairy Hunk", I think that was closer to the truth, unfortunately.

I don't know that this will move him further in life, and inspire him to great things like "Most Likely to Succeed" would. But hey, he made the list! ; )

Next week I have a 'class' at his school on Colleges, and how to apply for financial aid, etc. This is all uncharted waters for me as a mom. Very scary! Kyle is talking about staying home and interning at our church for a year, while taking classes at our local community collage, before he goes away. So, I may still have some time. But, I have another one graduating the very next year, who will probably be more than ready to continue his education. So, I could be loosing both boys at the same time. And That's Just Not Fair! HELP!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Today at our Church, we did something totally different and out of the box. Most of our visitor cards that come in say that one of the main things they love about our church is the Worship. And we do have great music at our church! (And I'm not just saying that because my husband is the Worship Pastor and my boys are part of the team, even though they are very talented!) We Rock!

This month we are doing a sermon series on Worship. And today when everyone walked in to the sanctuary, the stage was completely empty. No Drums, no guitars, no keyboards, no microphones, nothing. Yes, we had a service totally about Worship and we had NO music whatsoever! Driving the point home that Worship is not just singing songs and clapping your hands, etc. As John always says "True Worship starts when the music stops." It was different to say the least. Silent and even a little awkward at times, but, it was a service people will not soon forget.

We did talk about, as well, the importance of music and the role it plays in our worship experience. And our service next Sunday will be the total opposite of this weeks. We will have nothing but music! It's our Praise Celebration! A concert. We did one last year, and it was awesome! And this year will be even better. So, needless to say, I haven't gotten to see my husband much this last month or so, since he's been getting ready for this. Buying and renting lights and equipment. Learning and teaching new music. Building sets, hanging lights, having extra rehearsals, dealing with sound issues, etc. He's been at the church almost every day, and every evening.

For those of you who don't attend Mesa First, we would love for you to be our Guest at this year's Praise Celebration. It is Sunday, Sept. 21 at 10:30am. You can wear jeans or whatever you want to, and I can assure you this will not be your typical church service. Hope to see you there.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Me and Paris Hilton

I know, we have so much in common. Stick thin, rich, famous, oh wait . . .that's only Paris Hilton, not so much me! (Bummer) But, now we do have something in common. . . We both use BlackBerrys! Yes, it's true, I have stepped up in the world of technology! The phone I've had for three years now just wouldn't hold a charge, so we took it in to replace it. And it was just about the same price for a new battery as it was to get a new BlackBerry. No Brainer!

I feel so connected. I can now check my E-mail from my phone, how cool is that?! I am so hip! (Hey one more thing I have in common with Paris, what do you know) It has a really good camera in it. I can get online, and even Blog from my BlackBerry! (Well, I will be able to once I learn how to use it!) ; )

Now, John's not so superior with his iPhone! And my phone is much cuter. I told Kyle he has to teach me how to text now, since I have unlimited texting. One thing I did do (all by myself) was get on line and down loaded a song for my ring tone, so now when you call me I will hear "Girls just want to have fun!" by Cindy Louper. Fun! I told you I was hip! I'm having fun with my new toy.

Call me!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

5 Things I can't live without

We played a fun game in our Moms In Touch group yesterday, called "Give me Five!" We were to list five things we can't live without as a way of getting to know each other better. It was a lot of fun. So, I thought I'd share mine here, with you.

The Five things I can't live without are:
1. Books (I am always reading!)
2. Purses (They don't have to be expensive, but, I need a lot of them!)
3. Make-Up (I haven't left my house with out it since the age of 12, see my post on Fathers Day)
4. Pop (Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke with lime, anything Diet. I drink it all day, it is my vice!)
5. Writing (Blogging, Journaling, I love to write!)

So, now it's your turn. . . I would love you to share with me five things you can't live without. Now, it can't be Jesus, your family, air, food, water, I know you can't physically or spiritually live without those things, this is just supposed to be fun things to let me get to know you a little better.

Just comment on this post and leave me your five things, weather it's chocolate, Starbucks, or your cell phone. Whatever it is I want to know. It will be fun.

So, come on. . . Give me Five!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Girl Power!

The other day I was saying how excited I am that we have a Woman running for Vice President of the United States. And a friend of mine asks me (half jokingly) "How can you be a Christian and a Feminist?" I didn't even hesitate, or have to think about my answer, I just simply said "They go hand in hand. Jesus was the first feminist!" After all it's my Bible that tells me that Men and Women are created equally, and that BOTH are created in the very image of God.

Now don't get me wrong, I, in no way wish to be a man. I love men, (especially my man) but, as the old song put it "I adore being a girl." And I've been told that I am a very girly girl at that. And we all know which is really the stronger sex. ; ) But, I do think that men and women both should be given the same choices in life. And that girls can do anything boys can do! (except maybe for pee standing up, but they can't give birth, so I guess were even.) And if a woman does the same job as a man, they should get paid the same. If those things make me a feminist, then I guess that's what I am.

As a Mother, I've always tried to convey this to my kids (of both sexes.) That we treat everyone with respect. That no race, sex, social status, nationality, etc., makes any one person of more value than any other. We are all created by God with a purpose in life. And after all, If we know who we are in Christ, than no one else can take that away form us, or tell us any different.

You Go Girl!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Election 08

I am SO Excited that we have a Woman running for Vice President of The United States of America! I am excited for me, I'm excited for our nation, and I'm excited for my Daughters!

Their whole lives I have told my girls that they can be ANYTHING they want to be, but of course that isn't always reflected in our world. This is one huge step forward in the right direction for all girls, and women everywhere.

My oldest son, Kyle, just turned 18 this summer. And I told him the other day, that it is so exciting for him, that the first time he's eligible to vote is such a historical election for our country. Either way it goes. He can help put the first African American in the white house, or the first Woman in the white house. Both are positive and exciting for our country.

I strongly believe that every American should vote. It's our right and our responsibility. For ourselves and for our children. So, if you are not registered to vote. Do it now. Find out where the candidates stand on the issues, and get out there and VOTE!

God Bless America!