Friday, September 12, 2008

Me and Paris Hilton

I know, we have so much in common. Stick thin, rich, famous, oh wait . . .that's only Paris Hilton, not so much me! (Bummer) But, now we do have something in common. . . We both use BlackBerrys! Yes, it's true, I have stepped up in the world of technology! The phone I've had for three years now just wouldn't hold a charge, so we took it in to replace it. And it was just about the same price for a new battery as it was to get a new BlackBerry. No Brainer!

I feel so connected. I can now check my E-mail from my phone, how cool is that?! I am so hip! (Hey one more thing I have in common with Paris, what do you know) It has a really good camera in it. I can get online, and even Blog from my BlackBerry! (Well, I will be able to once I learn how to use it!) ; )

Now, John's not so superior with his iPhone! And my phone is much cuter. I told Kyle he has to teach me how to text now, since I have unlimited texting. One thing I did do (all by myself) was get on line and down loaded a song for my ring tone, so now when you call me I will hear "Girls just want to have fun!" by Cindy Louper. Fun! I told you I was hip! I'm having fun with my new toy.

Call me!


John said...

PLEASE NOTE: the image in this post was indeed taken with an iPhone! ;)

stefanie said...

I have the same phone!

And it can take some pretty good pictures...

Star Forbis said...

Oh, and one more thing Paris Hilton and I have in comon, is that we both have a little dog named "Tinkerbell!" But, mine's cuter! ;)