Saturday, February 18, 2017

Exciting News!

 Come August here in Arizona, this little snowman will be long gone. 
But there will be a new little Forbis joining our Family! 
That's right. I will become a "Glam-ma!" 😊 
We are so excited and couldn't be happier! 
Congratulations Zach & Kendra!! ❤️

We as a Family have been sitting on some very Exciting News! If you've read my Christmas Letter  you would know what I asked Santa for, we'll my wish is being granted. :) On Jan. 2nd, we Skyped with our son, Zach, and daughter in law, Kendra, and they let us know they are expecting! I screamed! My Girls cried! We are all so excited! My Husband and I, now with two married children, have been looking forward to this next step in life of having Grandchildren.


They wanted to wait till they were beyond the first trimester to make it public, so as the time neared, we planned a day trip up to Flagstaff, Arizona. Since Zach & Kendra live in Page and the rest of us are in the Phoenix area, this is about half way for us. We got to sled and play in the snow and have dinner together. It was a great day! Our goal was to take some Pictures we could use to announce our happy news. My Niece went up with us and was taking our family picture around a little snow man we built, and jokingly said "This looks like a Baby Announcement!" We all laughed hysterically, then let her in on our secret! I have joked with my kids that when the time came for me to become a grandparent, I could not be called Grandma! That sounded too old! Then one day a saw a license plate that said "Glam-ma" and I knew that would be me! :)