Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eighth Grade Graduation Photo Shoot

My Baby Girls are Eighth Grade Grads! 
I don't think I'm ready for High School! 
But, the girls sure are!

Like I did with both my Boys when they Graduated from Eighth Grade, 
I took them to a local park & had a Photo shoot 
to commemorate the occasion. 
As you know, I like to take pictures,
yes, I was the photographer!
I even got paid for my photography:
We found a pair of Coach Sunglasses in the park! 
Erica looked them up on line & they cost $158.00! Score! :)

Erica Starr



Alexia Jewell



We took the girls' BFF Brianna too!  

We told the girls, now if you're getting pictures taken together, 
you will have to stay friends for the rest of your lives! 
 They said: We were already planning on it! Duh! :) 


My best camera, is the old fashioned kind. 
You know, that actually uses real film! 
(Yes they still make those)
 But when we had the 5 rolls of film developed,
they said "That will be $78.00!"
 $78.00, for 5 rolls of film?!
 Guess the whole world is going digital!
So, unless you have your own dark room & can develop your own pictures, 
you have to go digital!
So, we will be buying a better digital camera! :) 

I saw this saying the other day on a Greeting card at work:
and it has become one of my favorites! 

"Here's to Good Women!
 May we Be them! 
May we Know them!
May we Raise them!"

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good Bye, Jr. High!!

 It's the last day of Jr. High School for my Beautiful Girls! 
It's been an Epic Eighth Grade year! 
With Band, Choir, Cross Country, Track, Student Ambassadors, Etc.

 Erica was part of a group of singers that sang The National Anthem. 

 They sounded great! 

Alexia receiving her Golden Scholar Award! 
You must have a 3.8 or higher GPH to be a Golden Scholar! 

Erica also.
Both Girls have straight A's this year!

Congratulations Erica & Lexi!  
We are so proud of our Girls! 
Smart, Talented, Funny & Beautiful!

And you know what comes next . . . 
High School! 
Yikes, I'm not ready! 
(Are we ever ready for our Babies to Grow Up?) 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Twin Track Stars!

 My Girls at the beginning of Track Season!
Go Sabercats!

 Lexi ran the 100 
and the 4X1

 She went to Conference for Long Jump
and Discus!

 Erica threw Discus
and Shot Put 

 She went to Conference for both her events! 

 Twin Track Stars getting their awards! 
Way to go girls! 

Erica got the Most Improve Player Award! 
My little girl threw the Shot Put farther than any other girl on her team! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

It's All About Me!

 I had a Wonderful Mother's Day! 
I was off work so we Celebrated "Me" all weekend! 

It started off on Friday with Mother/Daughter Mani/Pedi's!!
What can be better than that?! 

 Erica & Alexia's first time getting their nails done! 
Though they have had Pedicures before! 

 My Turn! 

Sweet Feet! 
We all chose Bright Colors! 

Mother/Daughter French Tips! 
Feels like that old commercial: Which hands are the Moms?
(I think it was a dish soap commercial!) 

On Saturday my Brothers & I & our Families 
went to see my Parents new headstone, since adding my Mom's name.

 The Grand kids that were there!

 My Family!
We brought my Mom Flower's for Mother's Day!
She is missed!

On Sunday, after Church we had my husbands parents & his Sister, 
along with my Brother & his family over for a cookout. 
I bought my husband a new Grill for Father's Day, 
just in time for him to use it for Mother's Day! :) 

 I also had Monday off, 
& was able to go to the Hospital 
to meet our Nieces' brand new Baby: Harper! 
So Sweet & Beautiful! 
Hopefully you had a wonderful weekend too 
& a very Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day in Memories

This is my first Mother's Day with out my Mom. We lost her just 2 Months ago. I was really dreading it as Mother's Day approached, crying off & on all week. But now that it's here, I'm mostly just very grateful for the Mother that I had. She taught me how to be strong as I watched her walk through life, the good & the bad times. She lost a Daughter to cancer, then her husband of over 50 years to heart disease. She was forced to become more independent than she ever had been before. I learned from watching her, that like a Diamond, we may get chipped or scratched, but we can never be broken! 
Here is a video of some pictures throughout her life.

I Love You Mom, 
Happy Mother's Day!

 I took my Mom flowers for Mother's Day! 
I'm glad she is in Heaven, spending Mother's Day with my Sister,
But I miss her here. 
I am Blessed to be her Daughter.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Our First College Graduation!


My Oldest Son, Kyle is our first College Graduate! 
He Graduated from Western Bible College, here in Phoenix, 
with his Associate Of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies! 


His little sisters & cousin Rachel waiting for Graduation to begin! 
& of course, looking cute!) :) 


The Moment he received his Degree! 

Happy to have Graduated! 
(Or at least to be done with School for awhile!) :)

Kyle with his Friend Shane, who Graduated with his Bachelors! 
Shane is the one who got Kyle his job with the Oakland A's
and Kyle was in Shane's wedding two years ago. 
So proud of both these young men!

With his school's president, Barbara Schults 
And her husband, Dr. Ray Schulz, Jr. one of his professors! 

The lady who started it all! 
Karen Johnson was on staff with us at Mesa First,
she worked at Western Bible & got Kyle pointed in that direction! 
So glad she came to see him Graduate! 

My Bother Marty & Sister in Law Debbie
came to support their Nephew! :)

With Rachel, my Niece! 
He told her he was going to use her picture 
to tell everyone that Taylor Swift came to his Graduation! 
(nice try!) :)

With Proud little sisters: 
Lexi & Erica

With Brother Zach
who is finishing up his 2 years at Community College
& was accepted to ASU
& will be the next College Graduate!

 Family Pic! 
(Left to Right: Lexi, Me, Kyle, John, Erica & Zach)

 Proud Parents!

After Graduation we went out to Carrabba's!
They gave Kyle some free deserts to congratulate him! 

Congratulations Kyle! 
We are so proud of him and the Man he has become!
He has very exciting things happening in his future! 

Watch out World! 
Here He Comes!