Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Memorial Day To Remember!

The Capitol Building in our Rear View!

John & I were visiting Maryland for the weekend. And got the opportunity to spend an afternoon in our Nation's Capitol! It is so moving and breathtakingly beautiful! And the fact that it was Memorial Day Weekend made it all the more meaningful.

Think we found our Next Home! :) 

 The White House!

The Lincoln Memorial

Us with Abraham Lincoln! 

Selfie with Honest Abe! 

 The Washington Memorial

As seen from The World War II Memorial

Girl Power! 

The War Memorials were all so moving! We went to The World War II Memorial, it is so well done. The Vietnam Memorial, where everyone was so reverent and quiet. And The Korean War Memorial, which is absolutely beautiful.

 Remembering my Dad at The Korean War Memorial

 Statue of Vietnam Solders

 Female Solders 

 The wall of those lost in the Vietnam War
58,299 names of those gone too young!

A Wreath left at the Vietnam Memorial!

"Freedom is not Free"

Arlington National Cemetery 

 The Pentagon, rebuilt section after 9-11

 The Iwo Jima Memorial

John with Pastor Kevin, our "Tour Guide!"

Awe Inspiring! 

 It's so much bigger than I thought it would be!
(Left my sun glasses on in this one, cause I actually had tears running down my face)

We are so Blessed as a Country! And I am Thankful to be an American! We were so happy we got to see Washington D.C. for the first time (and Hopefully not the last!) that was on my Bucket List! Check! And there is SO much more to see and do there! 

 The Jefferson Memorial

 Inside the dome!

"All Men Are Created Equal"

Such a Beautiful day in D.C.

I hope you had a very Happy Memorial Day! We definitely had one we will not soon forget! It was a great trip, with Memories to last a Lifetime! And Let us never forget those who gave their lives for our Freedom! This is after all the Land of the Free, because of the Brave!

God Bless America!
My Home, Sweet Home

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Another Summer Job!

Now that Schools out for the summer, my College Student son, Zach wanted to find a job for the summer in Northern Arizona, where he could be closer to his Fiance. (It's still a little strange saying Fiance rather than Girlfriend! :)) Remember a few summers ago he worked up at Mount Rainier and loved it. So he found an incredible resort, applied & got hired. It is Amangiri Resort . . .

The resort is in the middle of the Desert. (Literally!) It's actually in Utah, but the closest town is Page Arizona, where Zach is living. It is breathtakingly beautiful!

You can stay there (and visit Zach) for just $1100. to $8000. per night. That's more than the average person pays for rent per month! Though I don't think "the average" person is who stays there! :) So maybe someday when I am among The Rich & Famous!

Zach is a Valet, his first week there & he has already driven a BMW & a Porsche! It's a tough job, but somebodies got to do it! :) I told him to send me a pic in his Uniform. He doesn't wear it home, they launder & press it for him every night. Yeah, even as his Mother, I wouldn't do that! :)

It's always sad when your kids leave home, even if it's only for a few months. We miss having him around. But unlike Mt. Rainier where he didn't always have Internet service, here he does, so we can keep in contact with him. I'm sure he's enjoying the cooler weather up there. It's already been over 100 degrees in Phoenix! And it's only May!

So, whatever you and yours are doing this year, staying home or hitting the road, here's to a Great Summer!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Look, New Name!!

You might have noticed my Blog has a new look. When I started Blogging in May of 2008 I named my Blog Laughing Through Parenting, as my focus was raising my kids, at the time I had 2 kids in High School & 2 in Elementary School.

Over the years, as I've continued to Blog about parenting issues, I've also talked about Life in general, being a Pastor's Wife and Religion, going from an At Home Mom to a Working Mom, I've shared my Love of Books & Reading, even broaching the subject of Politics & Pop Culture. Just like in real life, I love to talk & my Blog is no different. :)

So, now my children are older (my Boys are now in their 20's & are BOTH engaged to be Married & my Girls are in High School) Click here to see what they looked like when I started Blogging. I Love being a Mom & will still be Blogging about my life and my Kids. Like with any Mom, Just try to stop me from talking about my kids! :) But since I talk about so much more, I decided to change my Blog name to something more all encompassing, so it's going from Laughing Through Parenting to Star4Laughs! And as always I will try to handle all the subjects I talk about on here with my signature since of humor.

Thanks so much to my Amazing Hubby who designed my new Blog Header! I really hope you like the new look & the new name. And will stick around to continue reading & sharing your thoughts with me as well. Because Laughing together makes the Joy that much stronger!