Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day To The Best Dad In The World!

I couldn't have chosen a better Father for our Children! 

He's a Protector & a Provider.

He's Talented & Gifted. 

He's Loving & Giving. 

He's Serious & Silly!`

And He's all ours! 

Happy Father's Day to the Man of My Dreams! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Favorite Childrens/Teen Books!

The Other day my kids were asking me what their favorite Books 
were when they were little.
 That's one of the great things about Books, 
when they speak to you, you always remember them! 
So if like me, you're always looking for new Books for your kids to read,
I thought I'd share some of our favorites with you . . . .

Age 22 (next Month)

 Love You Forever
(all 4 of my kids have their own copy of this one!) 

 I Hate Superman! 
(I set this one out at his High School Graduation Party!)

 Everybody Needs A Rock
(When he was little my Dad use to take him for walks 
& they would look for special rocks together!)

 The Outsiders
(Here's how I got him to read this Book)

Age 20

Zack's Alligator
(With his name in the title, how could he not like this one?)
Nicky The Swamp Dog
 (I have a picture inside the book of him in Grade School 
meeting the Author & getting this book autographed!)

 Left Behind The Kids
(He had over 20 Books in this series!)

 (His favorite series!)

 The Lord Of The Rings
(He's actually re-reading these Books again right now!)

Erica & Lexi
Age 14

 (You would think this Book was written about them!) 

The Little Green House
(Another Book about Twins from Twins Magazine)

 Harry Potter
(We have all the Movies as well!) 

 The Hunger Games
(You can read about our Hunger Games midnight Movie Premier here!)

And last but not least: 
(Here's our Twilight Tour of Forks, WA. where the Books are set!)

Well, that's what my kids loved to read! 
What are some of your kids favorites?