Saturday, July 23, 2016

What I Learned At The Republican Convention . . .

How fun would it be to attend a Political Convention?! I think it would be fun & exciting! But most of us will just have to do with watching them on TV or following along on Social Media. I have spent time in Cleveland, which is a great city BTW! And Here are just a few things I observed while watching the Republican Convention . . .

- People seem to forget something all our Mothers should have taught us when we were little, which is "If You Can't Say Anything Nice, Don't Say Anything At All!" I heard my Mom say it! Didn't you? I feel like if Politicians spent as much time letting the voting public know what they stand for, and what they will do in office, rather than just bashing their opponents or the establishment, we would all know better what to vote for! For example, I had considered voting for Chris Christy, (back when there were half a million Republican candidates) I'd watch the debates, and I kinda liked him. But after watching him at the Convention, and seeing just how mean and nasty he is, I would never vote for him now! I don't need to know how bad you think someone else is, tell me what you've done and what you will do! You know I love Interviews! And this is basically a Job Interview, (for the most important job of all!) and if a potential employee went into a job interview, and did nothing but bash their previous employer, and talk smack, and failed to tell you who they are, and articulate what they could do for your company and why you should hire them, you would never pick them to work for you. I just think Politicians should keep that in mind!

- I like the Trump Kids even more than I did before! I've watched The Apprentice, since it's inception, and have followed all the Trumps on Social Media, I've always liked and respected Ivanka, but the boys aren't showcased as much & don't talk as often on the show. I liked hearing from them and much of what they had to say!

- Though I've never been a huge fan of Ted Cruz, I like that he stuck to his convictions and didn't totally support someone who attacked him and his family in such a hateful way, by belittling his wife. Yet still supported his Party.

- All that time they spent spewing hate and bashing the other party, they needed to let this nation know what the Party and Candidate actually stand for. What actual Policies will be put in place? They showed where they stand on Gun Laws, but what about "People Laws?" Until Ivanka spoke the last night, Women's Issues weren't really addressed, and even then, specifics weren't listed. When looking at Candidates I need to know where they stand on Education, Equal Pay and other Women's and Minority Issues. And I didn't get what I needed. From the looks of the Convention, one might conclude that Guns are more Important to the Republican Party than People are?! I hope that's not true, I'm just saying how it looked.

- Good or Bad, people will judge us by our children! You always hear people bashing the parents when a kid turns out bad, or praising the parents for their children's accomplishments. And I must say this point bodes really well for me, cause I have really great kids myself! :) And Donald Trump's Children are Poised and Successful. And as I've stated above, I like them! Though I do find it amusing that even though Donald has clearly stated that he never has & never will change a diaper, and that it's the mothers responsibility to rear the children, that he is touted as a good father, and therefore a good man. A family man, which I think he is, even though he's on his 3rd wife, and is a known womanizer.

- Which brings me to my last point; Do Actions Really Speak Louder Than Words? If Ivanka's introduction of her father were the first and only thing I knew of him, I would for sure be voting him. But I've followed him for years, watched every season of The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice, so I've seen his actions with my own eyes. The way he puts down women, or reduces them by sexualizing them. And I even really liked some of Donald's own words given in his speech, he even praised the crowed for cheering at his words of accepting everyone, no matter their background. Yet his actions were to choose a running mate who fought for a law to allow companies to discriminate against people who's lifestyle they don't agree with. So, should I go by his words or his actions? I believe there is good in all of us, I also believe we all are capable of evil. No one is all good. And no one is all bad. Don't call people names, call out what you can and will do to for this nation. It didn't look good that other Republican Politicians don't appear to be backing him, not just Ted Cruz, there were no Bushes present, no John McCain, (who is a beloved Arizonan, an American Hero, who Donald Trump has also said some terrible things about!) I did see, Bob Dole, who I like & respect very much, was there. I think both parties are torn. I guess I'm like Ivanka, and the many millennials she talked about, who don't just vote blindly for one party, but actually look at each candidate and vote for the one who most lines up with what they believe in. So, you'll just have to stay tuned to see what, if anything, I learn from the Democratic Convention happening soon.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Vacation, Had To Get Away . . .

That Go-Go's song goes around in my head while packing for any Vacation! 

We took a little trip to Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Where our Sister & Brother in Law live & have built themselves a Paradise

My Husband's other sister who lives in Colorado, 
flew in & went with us, surprising the family there!

As you can tell, we spent a lot of time in the Pool! 
But you tend to do that in 110 degree weather! 

One of my Happy Places is floating on water, soaking up the Sun! 
I could do that all day, and I practically did! :)  

We were The Vacationers, Reading The Vacationers!!
(Can you tell we're all in the same Book Club?!)

We relaxed, played games, ate some great food
and just had some Family Time!

We did some Thrift Shopping around town
And got Ice Cream, served by our Nieces Daughter! 

My son celebrated his 26th Birthday while we were there! 
I know, it's not possible that I have a child that old!

You can't visit Lake Havasu without seeing The London Bridge! 
It's always nice to get away for a bit! 
Hope you all are enjoying your Summer!