Friday, January 20, 2017

My Thoughts On Inauguration Day;

I learned that when he says "Make America Great again", what he really means is Make America Rich. And as Kate Spade likes to quote Dorothy Parker "I've never been a millionaire, but I just know I'd be darling at it." I'd like to give it a try! So, go right ahead Mr. Trump! :) I was hopping his Inauguration Speech would be more Unifying, as opposed to Divisive, but I was once again disappointed. It was sad that there was less of a crowed than in years past. Though it is clear, we are a Nation divided, when just eight years ago we we're so United. And Proud to be Americans. Here is a little Post I wrote on that Inauguration Day!

My favorite part of the day was getting to see Elisabeth Dole. I'm a "Huge" fan of hers! (See what I did there?!?) I Love her, and It was so Amazing to see each former President, including our new President as well, make their way over to Bob and Elisabeth Dole to speak to them and shake their hands. It did my heart good! I was also very happy when Donald Trump Thanked Hillary Clinton for being there today. See, that wasn't so hard. I also should let you know that I am wearing my 'Madame President' shirt as I write this, and as I watched today, as it may be the last time that I get to wear it. Sad.

 A couple things I hope will change as Mr. Trump takes office; as you know, I Love Twitter and Social Media, but I strongly believe there is No place for mean tweeting, or bullying in the highest office in the land. Please stop. You have much more important things to worry about now. We're all counting on you. We want you to succeed. We want you to do great things. To Rise to the Challenge that is before you. And no, you didn't win the popular vote, which means the majority of Americans didn't vote for you. But that doesn't matter anymore. You are now their President. You must fight for them. People are fearful. And understandably so. They have heard terrible, awful things come out of your mouth, things about Women, Races of people, and entire religions.  It's up to you now to turn that around. You say you didn't really mean some of those things, well, it's time now to prove it! We are coming off an administration that whole heartedly supported Women. Who always took the high road, even when terrible things were said about him and his family. I am hoping you too, in your new position, can do the same. You have big shoes to fill. Will you be the champion for all Americans? Those born here, and those, like your own wife, who come here from other parts of the world. Our Children are depending on you. Be Great!