Saturday, October 30, 2010


These past few months have been very hard for our family. My Husband & I both got laid off from our jobs, and we didn't know what we were going to do. Job hunting is a full time job in itself, only you don't bring home a pay check. There were so many unanswered questions: Would we be able to stay here in Arizona? Or would we have to move across the country, leaving our boys who are both in college here? And what happens if we don't find jobs? It's hard enough when it happens to one of you, but you have your partner there to encourage you & help keep you positive & upbeat, and give you the support that you need. But, when it's both of you at the same time It's that much harder. You're both frustrated, and get down at times (sometimes at the same time!)

Well, I had had enough! Both of us getting upset & not knowing what the future held for either of us. So I made a declaration: I told my husband, and I posted it on Facebook & on Twitter that October was going to be our month! October has always been a very special month in our family. My Husband was born on October 10th! (And this year it was 10/10/10!) We got married one week after his Birthday when he turned 21, on Sweetest Day, October 17th. 10 years after we got married, we had our twin baby girls, Erica & Alexia on October 3rd. So every October we celebrate the girls' Birthdays, then 1 week later we celebrate John's Birthday, & 1 week after that we celebrate our Wedding Anniversary, then of course 2 weeks latter is Halloween! That's a pretty good month, not to mention a pretty busy (& expensive) one!

But, I just had a feeling this October would be even more than that for us! It was our time! And I was right! I know we had a lot of people Praying for us, and after multiple job Interviews & waiting for the call backs & waiting & waiting, not only was I finally offered a job, but I was actually offered two jobs! :) I'm really liking my new job so far. It's a lot of fun & a great opportunity for me! And then this past week, John, who had taken a part time job at Starbucks, while between positions to help us get by, was offered a job too. He starts next month as the Music Pastor at a new Church! And to top it all off, it's right here. We don't have to move! Our kids get to stay in their schools where all their friends are. We are beyond excited for the great things that are happening in our lives! And when I posted that I knew October was gonna be our month, my little brother commented that for us it's "Rocktober!" I loved that & told him he just gave me the title for my Blog Post! :) And I just had to share all the great things happening for us with you. And I hope October has been as good to you as it has been to us. And let's keep Rocking On!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Novelty of Being a Twin

Something you don't really expect when you give birth to twins is being stopped by strangers everywhere you go & asked all sorts of questions. You get everything from; How did you get pregnant? (and I'm not kidding, I guess the assumption is you took fertility drugs, since you have more than one baby. I never really knew how to answer that question. Should I say, "Oh, just the normal way!" I mean even if I had taken fertility drugs, or used some other method, is it any of their business? Of course it isn't. Why would you ask someone you don't know that question anyway?!) And you'd always be asked which baby was born first? Are they identical? Are they the same sex? Even after telling people they are identical, they would then ask if they are boys, girls, or 1 of each? (to which I wanted to answer, if they are identical they would have to be the same sex, hence being "identical!" But I have a hard time being rude to someone just for being ignorant, though the temptation at times was great!) You'd be asked If you delivered vaginally or did you have to have a C section? (again that's a little too personal coming from a complete stranger don't you think?!)

My twins happen to be born just a month or so after the Mccaughey Septuplets made news headlines all around the world. And if I had a dime for every time I was asked "Aren't you glad you didn't have seven?!" well, let's just say, I could put my twins through collage! But worst of all were the questions, especially as the girls got bigger & could understand, were the ones like: Which one is the good twin? And which one is the bad twin? (or sometimes they would use the term evil twin) Which ones the boss? Which one is smarter, etc. I would still try not to be rude, but always say positive things about both of my daughters. Or let people know we try very hard not to compare our girls to each other, and we definitely don't label them. Neither is evil. They take turns being the boss, you get the picture. I remember one man kept on asking questions you should never be asked, especially by someone you've never met before, and I kept deflecting, & he kept on persisting, and he finally said something to the effect of how terrible & hard having twins would be, and the last straw was when he said "Glad they aren't mine!" to which I answered "yeah, so are they!" :) I just couldn't help it! I had held my tongue long enough.

Okay, so why am I reflecting on all this now you ask? And the answer to that question my friends is, because my twin little girls started Jr. High School this year. Makes sense? It does to me. Allow me to explain. My girls have been in the same elementary school from Kindergarten through 6th Grade. Some of those years they were in the same class room together, many of their grade school years were spent in separate classes. Yet, everyone pretty much knew everyone after that many years in the same school. So this year going into Jr. High, there are a ton of people they don't know & who don't know them. Everyone in Jr. High is pretty much in the same boat. It's a bigger school and lots of new kids. And as a surprise to them many of their peers are seeing twins as something novel.

My girls don't have any classes together, but they have many of the same teachers. So they will get called by their sisters name if that teacher had their sister in class earlier in the day. At lunch they were shocked to have kids they didn't even know come up to them and ask Are you guys Twins? And they almost always answer in unison, which people think is so funny. Erica had a girl she didn't know walk up to her & say "Hey Lexi, what is your sisters name?" unsure how to answer, Erica just said, "um I am Lexi's sister" to which the girl replied, something like "Really? That is so weird! What's your name?" :) And when one of my girls & her friends were talking, her sister came up in conversation, and a boy in line behind them said "Oh, your the twins, I've heard about you guys!" This is very strange for my girls. Of course they don't see what the big deal is. But I guess in Jr. High school standing out for any reason that might make people want to know you can be a good thing. I don't think they ever really thought about it before now, but maybe for the first time ever, they like the fact that they are a twin. And that, as their Mother, is a Novelty!

Monday, October 18, 2010

On to Bigger & Better!

If you follow my Blog or if know me personally, you know I have been job hunting for a couple of months now after the company I managed a store for went out of business. It was a very trying & frustrating time, yet exciting as well, not knowing what the next chapter of your life will look like. The possibilities are endless!

Then last week at yet another job interview, Macy's Department Store offered me a job. They didn't have any openings on their management team, but thought I would be an asset to their company. Not knowing when (or if) the next offer would come, I accepted, even though it would be a cut in pay for me. Better safe than sorry, right?! I figured little income is better than no income! And to show what a small world it really is, in one of the welcome to Macy's video, the owner/founder of Shade Clothing (my old company) was featured as part of a counsel of women that Macy's looks to for ideas & suggestions. It was kinda neat seeing a familiar face, in this new world. And I had forgotten that Macy's carries some Shade Clothing as well. I made my way to it, just to touch it so I would feel right at home! :) After training for 2 days I then worked 1 day on the sales floor.

Then today I received a call from another great company; Bath & Body Works. Who offered me a position as Co Manager of one of their stores. This was the job I really wanted to get! It's a great opportunity with more hours & higher pay, including benefits. I'm am so excited! I think it will be a great fit for me! I will have a LOT to learn about all the products, & ingredients, etc. But I think it will be so much fun! Especially with the Holiday's coming up! Oh, and guess what I'll be giving everyone for Christmas this year? :)

I called Macy's right away to let them know that I had received a job offer from another company for a management position. I thanked them for the opportunity to work for their great company, but that this was an opportunity that I just couldn't pass up. And to be honest with you, I am so relieved. I could tell already that the department I was working in there is pretty cut throat regarding sales & that's not my natural tendencies. I am more of a team player I guess!

So, I'm thinking this next chapter of my life is looking pretty cool! Thank you again to everyone who prayed for my job search & sent positive & encouraging thoughts & words my way. It really meant so much to me. God always comes through & knows whats best for us! I start training this week & can't wait to get my hands dirty! Or I guess I should say get my hands clean, since I'll be selling hand soap, right?! :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Live, Laugh, Love!!!

"I do!" After a Blind Date, and one year of dating,
talking on the phone all hours of the night getting to know each other,
I spoke those two little words 23 years ago today!
It was October 17th, 1987.

And Today, after four kids, a few pets, many moves around the country,
incorporating family traditions from both sides,
and making up a few of our own,
losing some people we love, having some great adventures together,
financial struggles, and some terribly hard blows,
laughter, tears,
and a lot of wonderful memories,
23 years latter . . . I still do!

One of my favorite singers, (besides my Husband himself) Chris Daughtry,
in his song Life After You said it best:

All that I'm after is a life full of laughter
As long as I'm laughin' with you

I'm thinkin' that all that still matters
is love ever after

After the life we've been through

'Cause I know there's no life after you

Happy Anniversary Babe, I Love you.
Thank you for sharing your life with me.
And for 23 years of Love & Laughter

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let The Magic Begin!

I was offered a job today! At Macy's Department Store! Right here in my same mall, San Tan Village. I start training tomorrow! It's in the Department that sells their High-End Jeans, among other things. I didn't mention in my Interview that the last pair of Jeans I bought I paid a whopping $7.00 for, as opposed to their $200.00 ones! Don't rat me out on that one! :)

I'm excited to become part of the team! It is a full time position! With Benefits! Yay! Finally! Their logo is a STAR, how could I go wrong?! And I will also get the chance to work in other departments as well, and in my world of course, that means HANDBAGS! :)

I'm so Thankful for this opportunity. To God for providing me with a job. And to all of you who Prayed for me & encouraged me during the time of this long process & the long road of job hunting. And who knows maybe someday I'll even end up here . . .

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Perfect 10!

Today: 10/10/10 is the Birthday of the best Husband in the world!
My hubby! John.

And the best Father any kid could have!
So glad my kids get him!

I Love him so much!
And I love living Life with him, my Best Friend.

Happy Birthday Babe!

You Rock!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Job Hunting!

I closed my store down over a month ago now. And since then (well actually since even before then) I've been job hunting! It starts off exciting. The new possibilities! The adventure! Not knowing what the next chapter in your book is going to be, or where it will take you. But, slowly reality sets in. Lesson 1: Employers aren't in as big a hurry as you are. Lesson 2: I am probably one of the oldest applicants they are looking at. Lesson 3: With so many people out of work in this economy, they can be picky & take their time in finding the perfect person. Lesson 4: They don't (and won't) call back every applicant to keep them posted on how their search is going. All of these things benefited me back when I was doing the hiring! But now that I'm looking to be hired, not so much! I want feed back. I want to know where I stand, so I can work on improving my standing. I want to be hired!

The process is a long & tedious one. One thing working in my favor is that I LOVE INTERVIEWS! I know it sounds strange, because most people hate them & get so nervous just thinking about them. But, I figure what better subject to talk about than myself right?! :) After all I am a Blogger, so believe me, I can talk about myself, and like to do so! I've also been the interviewer! I think that may give me an upper hand as well. I've even had someone ask me, while they were interviewing me, since I did all the hiring for Shade, how they were doing as an interviewer. It's kind of like those times as a parent, when you have to have a talk with your kids, or maybe you're having to discipline them & you can remember what it was like when you were their age, and how they might be thinking or feeling right now!

At the time I'm writing this, I have close to 30 Resumes out there! I loved my job in the fashion industry & in retail, so I've applied at every Clothing Store, Bookstore, Department Store, etc. And have Interviewed with several company's including Charming Charlies (twice), New York & Company, Charlotte Russe (twice), Bath & Body Works (twice), I've also had Mini Interviews when turning in my Resume at several places. And I have an interview with Macy's next week. All the company's I've interviewed twice with, the first was usually with a manager, who liked me enough to then give my name to the district manager, who then interviews me. I've had several tell me they like me the most out of all their interviews, but what's so frustrating, is the time frame. I'm ready to start work like yesterday, and they are taking their sweet little time. And I sit here waiting for the phone to ring! And wait! And wait!

Another frustration for me is the whole on line aspect. Now understand, I Blog, I'm on Facebook & Twitter & love it all, but when I have to apply on line only, I hate that they can't see me, to see how Awesome I really am! ;) I can (and hopefully do) sound good (enough) on paper, but I think there's nothing like that face to face connection. Like with Macy's, that was on line only. They haven't seen me IRL (In Real Life) until my interview next week. So, I guess it can work, I'm just more comfortable in person I guess. With each interview, I get my hopes up & think this is the one, the job I really want. Then that changes with the next interview. Call me fickle I guess!

I just know I'm ready for this process to be over! I want to find my Dream Job! And I want to find it soon! Is that asking too much?! Please keep praying that it comes my way quickly! And Pray for my husband as well, who, as you know, is also job hunting now! :( I've declared October to be our month! So be it! Thank you so much for all the prayers & encouragement my dear readers & friends.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


My little angles become Teenagers today!

Happy 13th Birthday Erica & Alexia!
We love you and are so proud of the young ladies you are becoming!