Monday, October 18, 2010

On to Bigger & Better!

If you follow my Blog or if know me personally, you know I have been job hunting for a couple of months now after the company I managed a store for went out of business. It was a very trying & frustrating time, yet exciting as well, not knowing what the next chapter of your life will look like. The possibilities are endless!

Then last week at yet another job interview, Macy's Department Store offered me a job. They didn't have any openings on their management team, but thought I would be an asset to their company. Not knowing when (or if) the next offer would come, I accepted, even though it would be a cut in pay for me. Better safe than sorry, right?! I figured little income is better than no income! And to show what a small world it really is, in one of the welcome to Macy's video, the owner/founder of Shade Clothing (my old company) was featured as part of a counsel of women that Macy's looks to for ideas & suggestions. It was kinda neat seeing a familiar face, in this new world. And I had forgotten that Macy's carries some Shade Clothing as well. I made my way to it, just to touch it so I would feel right at home! :) After training for 2 days I then worked 1 day on the sales floor.

Then today I received a call from another great company; Bath & Body Works. Who offered me a position as Co Manager of one of their stores. This was the job I really wanted to get! It's a great opportunity with more hours & higher pay, including benefits. I'm am so excited! I think it will be a great fit for me! I will have a LOT to learn about all the products, & ingredients, etc. But I think it will be so much fun! Especially with the Holiday's coming up! Oh, and guess what I'll be giving everyone for Christmas this year? :)

I called Macy's right away to let them know that I had received a job offer from another company for a management position. I thanked them for the opportunity to work for their great company, but that this was an opportunity that I just couldn't pass up. And to be honest with you, I am so relieved. I could tell already that the department I was working in there is pretty cut throat regarding sales & that's not my natural tendencies. I am more of a team player I guess!

So, I'm thinking this next chapter of my life is looking pretty cool! Thank you again to everyone who prayed for my job search & sent positive & encouraging thoughts & words my way. It really meant so much to me. God always comes through & knows whats best for us! I start training this week & can't wait to get my hands dirty! Or I guess I should say get my hands clean, since I'll be selling hand soap, right?! :)


larkswing said...

lol! wow! what a wonderful blessing - double offer with jobs and how bubbly you must feel :) Again, congratulations!

Unknown said...

I'm so excited for you Star!! That's a great opportunity, and a great discount! Since we're both b&b associates, we can talk all new products!! :)hahaha
I'll be sure to come visit your store, which one??