Wednesday, September 10, 2008

5 Things I can't live without

We played a fun game in our Moms In Touch group yesterday, called "Give me Five!" We were to list five things we can't live without as a way of getting to know each other better. It was a lot of fun. So, I thought I'd share mine here, with you.

The Five things I can't live without are:
1. Books (I am always reading!)
2. Purses (They don't have to be expensive, but, I need a lot of them!)
3. Make-Up (I haven't left my house with out it since the age of 12, see my post on Fathers Day)
4. Pop (Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke with lime, anything Diet. I drink it all day, it is my vice!)
5. Writing (Blogging, Journaling, I love to write!)

So, now it's your turn. . . I would love you to share with me five things you can't live without. Now, it can't be Jesus, your family, air, food, water, I know you can't physically or spiritually live without those things, this is just supposed to be fun things to let me get to know you a little better.

Just comment on this post and leave me your five things, weather it's chocolate, Starbucks, or your cell phone. Whatever it is I want to know. It will be fun.

So, come on. . . Give me Five!


Anonymous said...

Ok, Starlet*...I'll play your little game. Hmmm...let's see...

1. Music - gotta have it!
2. My puter/internet - how else would I read your blogging?
3. Heat - I know you have plenty of it, but here in MI it's not so warm all the time.
4. Mexican food - it helps to curb my 'southwest' cravings...missing CA still.
5. Monk TV - gotta have some humor and a little mystery.

John said...

My Five...

1. Guitars - could not go a week without playing.
2. My Mac - would be lost without it.
3. Starbucks - I'd say I may be addicted.
4. iPhone / iPod - gotta have my toys
5. Worship - it's my driving passion in life!

Anonymous said...

1.My MAC
3.toilet paper
4.a book

Pam said...

too fun star ...

1. Coffee, coffee, coffee
2. Music - on all the time
3. Laptop
4. red fleece throw blanket
5. Euchre

Jennifer said...

my dachsunds
my garden
my car
my worship CDs

Anonymous said...

Here are my five...

1. My Blackberry
2. Starbucks
3. My planner / organizer
4. Handbags
5. The local newspaper (either paper or online)

Darcine said...

1.Coffee- magically made EVERY morning by the coffee fairy (at our house the fairy's name is Edward)
2. My washer and dryer (been there, done that, and never want to be without it again!)
3. Lowes - gotta have my neighborhood do- it- center. Although, my budget would like to try living without it.
4. A good pair of running shoes- even if they haven't been worn in a while, it makes me FEEL in shape. :o)
5. A new super hero movie- I'm always in the mood to see one (perhaps secretly be one). IRONMAN rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

Here they random order...

1. Lemon Pound Cake from Starbucks
2. Target
3. A yummy candle that either smells fruity or like some kind of baked good!
4. M&M's...any kind
5. Our Mac