Friday, September 19, 2008

Senior Year - Part 2

Remember when you were in High School? The senior favorites list came out, and we all wanted to see if we had made the list. It has things like The Best Dressed, Prettiest Eyes, etc. Well this year, Kyle was on his list. He was voted by his senior class (of over 800 students) as "Hairy Hunk!" And for those of you who know my husband John, you know Kyle comes by it naturally.

My first post about his Senior Year was about the day I took him to register for his last year of school, : ( and on that day, he & I were sitting, waiting to be called for our turn to have his schedule changed. Kyle was talking with another student he knew about the football season, since this kid was on the team. Another student who knew the kid Kyle was talking to came up to say hi, and looked over at Kyle & I and asked his friend "Are these your parents?" The kid said "No! that's Forbis and his mom!" We all had a good laugh. I tried to take it as though I look SO young, he thought I could be married to an 18 year old! (Wishful Thinking, I know!) But, since Kyle has been able to grow a beard since he was a freshman, and really is a "Hairy Hunk", I think that was closer to the truth, unfortunately.

I don't know that this will move him further in life, and inspire him to great things like "Most Likely to Succeed" would. But hey, he made the list! ; )

Next week I have a 'class' at his school on Colleges, and how to apply for financial aid, etc. This is all uncharted waters for me as a mom. Very scary! Kyle is talking about staying home and interning at our church for a year, while taking classes at our local community collage, before he goes away. So, I may still have some time. But, I have another one graduating the very next year, who will probably be more than ready to continue his education. So, I could be loosing both boys at the same time. And That's Just Not Fair! HELP!


stefanie said...

Sounds like the 800 students have a great sense of humor!

I'm all ears on the college stuff. We aren't there yet, but I'm listening for everything I can get to make the whole thing less intimidating. Yikes.

Darcine said...

I can't believe I wrote an entire comment and forgot to hit "publish". Okay, I'll try it again. I just wanted to add that going to community college is one of the greatest benefits found in this country. I should know, I've been going for 3 years now. I know, it's a two year program, but somehow, I will manage to do 4! Anyway, I just wanted to say how fabulous it is and let you know that it gives people such great opportunities. For example, I was in a program that would have allowed me to transfer to UCLA!! My dream. This is only significant because it is nearly impossible to get in as a freshman coming right out of high school. However, as a transfer student from the community college system in LA, I suddenly became the perfect candidate. It also costs half the price, and once you transfer, you end up with same degree. No one ever says, "Oh, it says here, on your degree, from UCLA, that you only went there for TWO years." Of course, people argue about the experience you get from living on campus. I don't know about that, so I won't address that. However, I can say, when all is said and done, a degree is a degree. So, I thought I'd share some of my profound wisdom that I have learned from the community college, and just say "yeah". Community college ROCKS!!