Monday, August 11, 2008

Biggest Loser

My Church has been doing a Biggest Loser thing for the last month. And I've lost 10 lb.'s!! Yeah Me! I'm so excited! At least 5 of that though, I left in new York. With all the sweating I did there (It's way more humid in New York than it is in Arizona!) And on average, we walked 3-5 miles every single day we were there. I guess that's why almost all New Yorkers are in pretty good shape. I keep trying to get John to send me back there so I could get really thin! But, so far he's not buying it.

The Biggest Loser competition goes through August. John's lost about 7 or so pounds as well. We're just trying to eat healthier food, and less of it. And we are exercising more. (A Novel approach to weight loss I know!) What are your weight loss secrets?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Starlet*,

I've been on Weight Watchers for about a year and it works for me...lost 73 lbs so far. Basically, it's the kind of deal you are doing - eating healthy food (mostly fresh fruits and veggies) in smaller quantities, accompanied by exercize. It's amazing how that works!

I'm enjoying your blog bunches!