Thursday, October 9, 2008

Still Single Parenting

Okay, start by reading my last post. (see below)

Then last night when we got home from Church, I was upstairs getting ready for bed, when my girls came running up the stairs SCREAMING! "There's a Scorpion in the sink!" So, I started screaming for Zach who was in his room. (He's the resident bug killer.) We all go down stairs and sure enough, there it was. . . The Scorpion King.

Now remember we do live in Arizona, so scorpions are quite common. (Enough so, that my girls knew what it was!) We've had several friends who have been stung by them. We've been in our house over 6 years now, and though some of my neighbors have had them in their homes, we never have. Until now, the week John is out of town! Of course.

Zach came to our rescue, and killed it. But then of course, the girls were afraid to get in their beds after that. Just another day in the life of a single parent!

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Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to your scorpion issue. When Analise and I were in Texas we came to see many scorpions in our apartment. My dog got stung by one and eventually I became an expert in catching them with bar-b-que tongs. I even have a picture of one that I caught on my Myspace. I took a picture to help me remember that I can handle anything after handling those scorpions.