Thursday, December 25, 2008

Being Born On Christmas

Yes, today, December 25th is Christmas! Yeah. I love all things Christmas! The lights, the Music, the celebrations, the decorating, the love and good cheer.

And today, December 25th is also my Birthday. Yes, I was born on Christmas. My brothers have still not forgiven me for that Christmas morning 44 years ago, when they woke up and could not open their presents because Mom & Dad were at the hospital having me. (The BEST Christmas Present BTW!) That's how I got the name Star*, my parents wanted a "Christmasy" name.

This is my Birthday ornament that hangs on my tree every year.

Every year growing up my parents would always have a Birthday cake for me, and give me my Birthday gifts in the evening. (We opened our Christmas Presents in the morning.) And they wanted me to have that special time just for me, even though it was Christmas.

When your born on Christmas Day, people very seldom forget your Birthday. Although I did have those friends that would say "This is your Christmas Gift and your Birthday Present" and I'm thinking didn't I buy you two gifts?! And, as a kid people would always say to me "How cool, you get double the gifts on Christmas!" and I would think yeah, but I get all my Gifts for the entire year on one day. So, there are pro's and con's to being born on Christmas. I know people born during the month of December who celebrate their half Birthday, so they can have two days. But as for me, I love being born on Christmas. It's part of what makes me Me!


C. JoyBell C. said...

A belated happy birthday, Star!

I didn't forget! I have just been away from my computer for a while! And will be again, after this!

Sometimes I wish my son was born on Christmas Day (he was born the day AFTER Christmas) so I could actually take a break and relax and rest the day after Christmas! But! God instead chose to bless me with non-stop partying through the yuletide season! LOL!

We usually have birthday parties (one for his friends and one for family) but thank God that this year, he decided he's outgrown all that, and he just wanted to spend the whole day at the arcade playing his fave arcade games! So, that's what we were doing yesterday (yesterday was the day after Christmas, over here) and I must say...I don't know which I prefer...planning the birthday parties like before or spending the whole entire day at the arcade!

I got a back ache from carrying a giant iron "fire hose" and "hosing down" a fire, and got an "arm ache" from taking out bad guys in a God-forsaken jungle with a ginormous armalite rifle! Lord have mercy!

Happy New Year to come! :) :)

Abounader Photography said...

I am a december baby too.. December 22nd, first day of Capricorn. I HATE The double present thing!!!! I have a hubby who understands and he makes sure that all presents are seperate and that I get a WHOLE day to do whatever in the hell I want! hehehe..

stefanie said...

Steve's b-day is in early December, and this year he declared that he's changing it to July.

Happy Belated Birthday to you. Star is the perfect name for you, your parents were quite wise.

Annie said...

Hi from SITS today! I'm also a December baby and used to get Santa Bears for my birthday or gifts that were for both. I didn't like it growing up, but now I don't mind at all. Happy belated birthday!

Anonymous said...

Awww, that's beautiful! I just found your blog through BATW. I love that you enjoy your Birthday celebrations on Christmas Day and don't make a 'half Birthday' on another date.

My youngest daughter was born on Boxing Day morning and though she's only just turned 3 she has no problem in remembering her Birthday when people ask. Saying 'Boxing Day' is so much easier than 26 December - though she can say that too (in her lovely little way!).

It's sounds like you have many happy memories of your Birthday as a child and your parents must be pretty special people.

Best wishes,