Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Next American Idol

Do you vote?

I've watched every season of American Idol. Some years I've been able to pick the winner, some years I'm off. We have Kelly Clarkson's C.D. and Kerry Underwood (my girls really like her) and for Christmas I got David Cook's C.D. I was very happy he won last year over David Archuleta. Don't hate me. My girls were not happy with the results.

The year it came down to Clay Akin And Ruben Studdard, my son Kyle and I had a little friendly wager, you see I wanted Clay, and he wanted Ruben. So our bet was that the "loser" had to get refills on the "winner's" drinks at fast food restaurants for a whole month. Well, Ruben won, and Kyle really milked it (or should I say he Dr. Peppered it) for all it was worth! Though I must say, we've heard a lot more out of Clay since then, than we have from Ruben. (I'm just saying)

But my all time favorite contestant from any season, who if they had had the Judges Save rule then, I'm sure they would have used it, and this person would have gone on to win it all, it is . . . . Chris Daughtry! His C.D. is great, and is in my car at all times!

But then, you know me, I love a sexy bald guy that rocks!

Speaking of my Husband, this year on Idol there are two contestants who, like John, lead Worship in their Churches. They are Kris Allen and Danny Gokey. And that is who I vote for! And I hope Danny goes on to win the whole thing! He deserves it! (Hmmm, I wonder what he looks like bald?! Just kidding.)


C. JoyBell C. said...

I hate you! I wanted David Archuleta!!!! Hmph!

you know I don't really hate you... :)

But I really did want Archuleta!

Anonymous said...

Great post! We are huge Idol fans. This year we love Kris Allen not only because he is a local boy, but because we have friends who go to his church and say that he is an amazing person.