Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Job As A Mother

This past Sunday our Pastor used as an illustration from John 6:1-14. It's about when Jesus was speaking to over 5000 people, and His disciples told Him 'the people are hungry, we should let them go into town and get something to eat.' (I'm paraphrasing here of course!) And Jesus told His disciples 'you feed them.' They grumbled about how much money it would cost to feed that many people. (I have two teenage boys, I understand this!) so, they went out in the crowd to see if anyone had any food.

And one little boy had brought his lunch that day. He had 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. The disciples brought it to Jesus and said this is all we have. And Jesus gave thanks for the food and started handing it out. He multiplied it. The Bible says everyone had as much as they wanted to eat, and after they were done they collected the left overs, and filled 12 baskets full. That's a lot of food!

Our Pastor mentioned that the integral person in this story is that little boy. What would have happened if he had not brought his lunch that day? And I leaned over to John and whispered "actually the integral person in this story is that little boy's mom, who packed his lunch that day!" and we both laughed. But, an idea was sparked in my head at that moment: This would make a good Blog post!

I've been thinking about this this week. Isn't that our job as moms?! To send our kids out into the world equipped with what they need. To nourish them and nurture them, and provide for them. And equip them with what they will need to be used by God for His bigger purposes. Even beyond what we could imagine for them ourselves. And I'm not just talking about packing lunches! (My girls love to pack their own lunches now, and that is more than fine with me!) But, what if someone would have told that mom she was responsible that day, for packing lunches for more than 5000 people! I don't even like having to bring birthday snacks in for 2 classes on the same day for my girls Birthday!

So, I'm wondering, am I sending my kids out into this world equipped? Do they have everything they are gonna need? Kyle is starting college next month. Is he ready? (I'm not, but I think he is) Zach is a senior in High School. Erica and Lexi are in 6th grade, which means next year is Jr. High. Yikes! What do they need out there? Can I give it to them, and have them prepared? Are your kids equipped?


Anonymous said...

Great post. I've tried to equip them. Sometimes I think I have and other times I'm not sure. My son is 21 now and although I still want to give my advice, I find he doesn't always want to listen to it. Can you imagine that? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome insight, Star. I loved this story about moms. So true. I wonder every day what else my kids will need that I haven't thought of. I just discovered Tim Kimmel's book Raising Kids Who Turn out Right. I love it! You've probably already seen it as your kids are older than mine, but I loved the lists for moms! (and dads, but the % is small.) Keep on mothering!
~Linda (my blog id isn't working??? MySistersJar)

C. JoyBell C. said...

This post of yours, Star, has truly warmed my heart. :) was the little boy's is the first time I have known anybody who has seen and said that...and it warms my heart a lot. :)

love you! :)

stefanie said...

Love, love this!

A wise woman once told me that in the end, we can only do our best and trust God to fill in the gaps. I'm thinking He has had a lot of gaps to fill for our girls.

Jennifer said...

Oh no! My last comment didn't save :( basically, I was saying I love this post! I'm not a mom yet but I thin it's so important to raise your kids in strong faith, and knowing who they are and where they come from. It's important in the world today!

So glad you were above me in SITS today, Happy Sharefest!