Friday, September 4, 2009

Hey, I Want Off This Ride!

At times, being the parent of Pre-Teens can feel like a Roller Coaster Ride! It's a lot of fun! There are highs and lows involved, twists and turns. You never know what's coming around the next corner. It might just throw you for a loop! It's just as exciting for me watching my little girls coming into their own, and growing into the women they will become. But, in order to get there, first they will have to become teenagers! ACHHH!

It is so much fun for me watching them relate to their friends. And seeing things like friends and fashion becoming more important in their world! And remembering how me and my friends were at that age. (Yikes!) Well, this past week my girls had another "first", it started when some of the girls received gift cards to a frozen yogurt place for helping on a special night in the girls club at Church. So, they all got together and talked one of the mom's into taking them out for yogurt right then. I didn't know if I should thank that mom, or yell "sucker!" as she drove out of the Church parking lot with 5 girls ages 11-13 in tow! (I think I did both!) :) (But seriously, I really do appreciate you Michele, for what you mean in my girls' lives, and in mine) And being the Mommy Blogger that I am, I had to capture the moment of the first time my little girls were going out with their friends alone. But, to my dismay realized I didn't have my camera with me as I usually do. So, I made John take a picture on his iPhone to commemorate the moment.

The Gang: L to R: Linzey, Erica, Isabeau, Lexi, and Cailin

Oh, but did I mention that I HATE ROLLER COASTERS?! And that I GET MOTION SICKNESS just driving in a car or riding on a plane?! John and my kids all love Roller Coasters, and for a long time I would tell people, the true reason I kept having kids was so that I could stay on the kiddy rides longer! When we lived in Michigan, every summer we would go to Cedar Point in Ohio, the greatest theme park in the world. It has tons of huge Roller Coasters and a lot of smaller rides for the younger set, or faint of heart, like me. And to give you more insight into myself, my all time favorite ride anywhere is It's A Small World in the Disney parks.

So, even though I really am LOVING this new stage my girls are in. And they really are at a fun age right now, but, I honestly think EVERY stage is so much fun. I'm enjoying seeing them grow up, and develop their groups of friends, and figure out what their tastes are. There is a small part of me that wants to go back in time, get back on those kiddy rides, and just keep going around and around, and stay there. But, I can't, I've got to be a big girl! I have to be brave and look up at that ominous Roller Coaster, and say "I can do this, it's gonna be fun!" Then climb on board and hang on tight for the ride of my life!

Lexi and Erica, long before getting on this ride!


Nancy said...

I love your expressions of the joy of motherhood. You are blessed that your youngest 2 will be going through this next stage together. Hang on and enjoy the ride.

We spent many summer days at Cedar Point when we lived in Ohio. I agree with your assessment of the park.

C. JoyBell C. said...

OMG Star!!! It's A Small World is my favorite ride in Disneyland!!!! EVER!!!

I had to laugh a couple of times while reading you wanted to yell "suckeeerrrr" at your other mom friend!!! haha!!!

Well you ride your parental roller coaster, I guess you can say I'm here for you. :)