Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Car Trouble

Right after the girls were born in October 1997, we got a brand new mini van for our family that now boasted 6 people! It was a '98 Plymouth Voyager. With the greatest invention for the parents of new born twins: doors on BOTH sides! We loved our new van. We leased it & latter bought it.

Well my twins are now 12 years old! This van has seen our family through many first days of school for all 4 kids, sporting events, band concerts, youth & school trips, family vacations & 3 cross country moves. And just a couple of weeks ago we took this picture (below) when we realized we had gone over 200 Thousand miles on it. Not bad for a little 4 cylinder engine!

Then soon after this picture was taken it passed emissions one last time, & then broke down on our sons way to a college class. It would cost us more than the van is worth at this point to fix it. We are all sad to see it go, it's been part of our family basically as long as our girls have. . .

So now our family of 6, is down to 1 car. John's little 2 door that can't seat all of us in it. And it is a stick shift. And I'm ashamed to admit it, but I am an intelligent woman in my 40's who does not know how to drive a stick. Kyle can drive it but is not really comfortable yet & stalls a lot. So, John has to chauffeur us all everywhere we go. Some days he drives Zach to & from High School, Kyle to & from College & work. Me to & from work, and some days he has to come run me to the bank when I need to make deposits for work. All 4 kids to meetings or events or friends houses. Besides driving himself to work, rehearsals, etc. You get the picture, and it's not pretty.

And if you read my Blog you know my husband lost his job this past year, and even though he now has a new one that we are so thankful for, we're not really in a position to have car payments once again. So we are looking for a new van that we desperately need, but we don't have much money to put down on one. So basically what we need is a miracle. Please pray with us that we find just the right vehicle. At this point we'd settle for just another car, even though all 6 of us couldn't fit in it together. It would be more than we have now. Thanks friends.

And to our Plymouth mini van I say: Thanks for all the years you gave to our family. And for all the fun memories we've had in you. You were a great vehicle!" Now if we could just find another one just like that!


Pam said...

I drove the same mini van (a red Ford Windstar) for 13 years. I brought my youngest daughter home from the hospital in that car. When I finally had to get rid of it (in 2007) I sat in it and cried. It was a very emotional moment for me. There were a lot of memories in that car. Good luck with your search. I'm sending you good thoughts.

mindy m. said...

Hello Star!
I came over from SITS and wanted to "meet" some new bloggers today.

I love that the first blog I chose was on that had a prayer need!

I will be more than happy to pray for a new van for your family.

I have seen wonderful prayers answered this year too, my husband was out of work since last June and only now has a temp. night job making minimum wage...but God has been REALLY good to us throughout it all.

I am thankful that your beloved van held on for so long!