Thursday, June 24, 2010

Toy Story

When my boys were little they loved the Toy Story movies! All kids have a special relationship to their toys. Some just become part of the family. I talked a little about my Mrs. Beasley Doll in my last post. Another one of my favorites was my Chrissy Doll. She had red hair, that got long when you pulled her pony tail out & short when you pulled the string on her back. And you know how much I love my Barbies! :) But it was Raggedy Ann that I slept with every night until she got so thread bare, that she was beyond repair. That was a sad day in this girls life! My oldest son, Kyle, had Baseball Bear that he slept with, and Zach had Golden the Bunny Rabbit! (I think we still have both of those somewhere in the back of a closet)

The Baby Chrissy Doll

We went to see the new Toy Story Movie. And someone should have warned me that it was about Andy going off to college. And having to decide to take his toys with him, box them up in storage, donate them, or throw them away! I have one son who just finished his freshman year of college & another one who will be starting college this year as well. So, needless to say I cried like a baby during this movie! (or like the mommy of a baby) :)

As we left the theater that night, I told both my boys they were no longer allowed to go to college! That they had to stay home & play with their toys, with me! Now, isn't that such a brilliant parenting strategy?! To ground your children from college?! Makes perfect since to me! Feel free to take my great idea & incorporate it into your own family! After this movie, colleges everywhere will be empty!

My Little Woody: Zach
Taking on his big brother the Ninja: Kyle

That little Cowboy & Ninja have now turned into this:Young Men!

I've really loved every stage of all my kids' lives. Watching these two go from fun little boys into adults that I can have meaningful conversations with. But, sometimes you just wanna keep them little, and go back in time. If you haven't seen Toy Story 3 yet, you really need to. It's fun for every age viewer! But if your a Mom of kids that are growing up way too fast, be sure to bring Kleenex with you!

I would love it if you left a comment on this post & told me what some of your favorite toys were when you were little, or what some of your kids' favorite toys are! And we can all miss our toys together.


Unknown said...

Oh, my dear Starlet*,

We went to see Toy Story for Anna's Sweet Sixteen (yes, you heard me...SIXTEEN) birthday party, just after sending off our little boy (23) on his 4th missions trip (Haiti). Talk about feeling old! This movie certainly did give me plenty of opportunity to cry about how fast our children have grown up (I still can't believe Kyle & Zach are in college). It was a sweet, funny, emotional, and charming movie. Everyone with children, young or old, should see it. But especially the parents with young ones. It may help you to appreciate and savor every stage of your child's development.

Regarding my children, people used to tell me, "Enjoy them while they're young. They grow up too fast." I wish I would have taken more time than I did to sit a moment longer, read another book, play just one more game or build another something out of lego's because they REALLY do grow up too fast.

Thanks for the blog.

Love and miss you all!


Samantha said...

Stopping by from SITS! My husband and I don't have any kids yet, but I can imagine how teary-eyed that movie must have made you! I still haven't been to see it yet.

My favorite toy from growing up was a little pillow that my mom crocheted. She actually made it for my dad, but after I was born, I attached myself to it and made it mine. My mom sewed a face on it and I named it "Pillow." :) I still sleep with it to this day, although the yarn is torn in many places, so I keep it in a pillowcase!

Not Everyones Mama said...

My kids are begging to go see this, we need to do a family movie day. My favorite doll growing up was the love me tender doll. At least I think that was what it was called. Anyways, I played with it so much, dragged her around everywhere, slept with her for years. Her face ripped. Even then, I insisted on sleeping with her. My mom pulled her out the other day and showed my girls. :)

I actually found one a couple of years ago on Ebay and got that one for my girls, but they haven't been as infatuated with it as I was.

My 6 year old is into her best friends inc doll. My 3 year old LOVES her some Little People, my 11 year old used to love woody and buzz, but he's now into electronics, and my 1 year old loves his vacuum cleaner. ROFL That and any of his sisters' babies and strollers.

Anonymous said...

star ur post always make me so emotional lol. just love redaing them. i still have my fav. doll it was or is a jelly belly she use to smell like grapes. i have no idea how through all these years i have not lost her she has been with me through many hard times and countless moves.. she no longer smells like grapes and has been sewn up a few times but she sits there in my closet. and will forever. im pretty sure i was about 5 when i got her so she is now........ well i cant say it would give away my age. so lets just say she is OLD.... love ya and see ya on the 4th MIKI

Pam said...

I've been wanting to see this movie. I will definitely have to do it after reading your review. My daughter who just graduated from HS really wants to see it as well. She feels very attached the story because she is the same age as the main character and has grown up with him. I will have to make sure that she and I get to see it together.