Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Ray of Light in the Middle of Darkness!

My daughter Lexi started playing the Flute in 5th grade. And right away she loved it. For the past 2+ years now, she practices nearly every night, without ever having to be told or even reminded to. Yes, even over the summer she practices. Gasp!

Little Lexi learning to play the Flute!

This year when the girls started Jr. High School, they got to choose, for the first time, which elective classes they wanted to take. Erica knew right away, she was so over band! She had been playing the French Horn in 5th & 6th grades, but didn't really like it, and NEVER wanted to practice. She would much rather be in Choir or Drama classes. But Lexi knew right away she was sticking with Band, no question. She loves playing the Flute & is really good at it!

We didn't have the money to buy our girls the Instruments they wanted to play when they started in Band, not knowing for sure then if they would even like it and want to stick with it. With Erica playing a larger instrument (the French Horn) the school provided one for her to use. And some friends of ours, Kyle's girlfriend Olivia's family, let us borrow a Flute from them. Olivia's older sister Jamie had played the Flute when she was younger, & was now in College. They were such a Blessing to us, letting Lexi use their Flute all these years. And it was such a nice Flute.

Well last Thursday morning the girls were at their bus stop, and Lexi sat her Flute down to finish up some homework, before the bus got there. She finished the homework, the bus came & they got on. She soon realized she didn't have her Flute with her & told the bus driver. She turned the bus around and went back to the bus stop, but wouldn't allow Lexi to get off the bus. They couldn't see the Flute from the bus, so they left. Of course Lexi was upset & crying. She texted me what had happened. And texted Olivia saying I'm soooooo sorry I lost your Flute!

I went out walking all over the neighborhood. It had rained here the night before, so the bugs were out in force. My legs are now COVERED in bites from looking through the bushes, etc. for the lost Flute. No luck. When Zach got home from his College class that morning he went looking around the Bus stop. Nothing. When John got home from work that afternoon, he went looking. No Flute. When the girls got home from school, even though we told Lexi we all looked, she still had to go back up there to "make sure!" I called the local neighborhood schools to see if anyone had turned in a Flute. Her name was taped to the case. No one had. Unfortunately it's probably on EBay, or Craig's list right now. Lexi's band teacher was scouring the school district to see if he could find one in working condition, (if you know anything about instruments that are owned by the schools, this is a big IF!) that she could possibly use until we would be able to get her one.

Now, understand, the Company I was working for has gone out of business. So though I am in the middle of job hunting, I do not have a job right now. Four days before Lexi lost her Flute, John was told he was for sure being laid off as well. So after October 31st, he will not have a job. We both panicked. How could we pay our friends back for the Flute we'd lost, even though they have never asked us to in anyway, we still want to pay them for it. And then would we be able to get another one for Lexi? The thought of having to tell her we couldn't, & that she would have to give up band broke my heart. I loved my job, but even through losing it & John losing his, us not having health Insurance, and having 2 kids in college now, & not knowing how in the world we are going to survive, I have not really cried. But, on this day, thinking of my little girl being forced to give up the music she loved so much & to stop playing, I hid in my bathroom & sobbed! I'm crying again now as I'm writing this, just thinking about it.

John had put it on Facebook & Twitter, asking people to pray for our Flute situation. And we had so many people concerned & asking us if we'd found the Flute. One of those people were some friends of ours from the Church we were at before, Renee & Eric Petermann. We saw them at a friends wedding this past Saturday. Then on Sunday they texted John saying that they have 2 Flutes that aren't being used. They talked it over with their Daughter Colette, and felt like they should give one to Lexi. And could we meet them that night? What an answer to prayer! Lexi's first words when we told her were "Now I can practice tonight!"

Colette and Renee' giving Lexi her new Flute!

We met them that night & they had ribbon on the Flute case for her. I asked them if I could take a picture & would they be okay if I Blogged about it, (you know me, always thinking about what to Blog!) :) and they were gracious enough to let me. As soon as we got back in the car, Lexi had the Flute out, put together & was playing it! Music to our ears! Erica even tried playing it, but, it didn't quite sound the same, if you know what I mean! :) Colette, who is now a senior in High School, had played the Flute back when she was in Middle School, but not since. She wrote Lexi a little note that was inside the case with the Flute, it read "When I heard about what happened to your Flute, I thought about mine. I played it for about 2 years & haven't played it in 4 years, so why not give it to you! I hope you like it! Keep up the good work & I hope you are able to play it for a long time! I miss you & love you! Colette :) XOXO" That was so Sweet of her. Lexi said "I'm gonna leave the ribbon on the case when I take it to school tomorrow!" And she did. In fact the case still has it's ribbon on it. It may just stay there for ever!

Thank you so much to Colette, Renee' & Eric Petermann, for giving Lexi this wonderful gift! And believe me, the gift of Music is no small gift! We can not thank you enough. Eric is a Chiropractor that has taken care of John & I, and even Zach (who has a mild case of Scoliosis) for many years. If you are in the Phoenix area & need a great Chiropractor, please see Dr. Eric. Here is a link to his website. And Renee' makes the most beautiful Jewelery. Here is a link to her Etsy shop. When my Dad passed away several years ago, Renee' took one of his Bo lo Ties (yes, my dad wore Bo lo ties! Remember this is Arizona!) and turned it into a beautiful necklace that I will have forever! I would just love it if through sharing this story, we could send some new Patience and Customers their way. It still wouldn't be a big enough thank you for what they have done for us. But please visit them, and tell them Lexi sent you! :)

My parents with two of my brothers!
(you can see my Dad wearing his Bo lo tie!)

That same Bo lo tie, now as a Beautiful piece of Jewelery!
Thanks to Renee'

Going through all the difficulty we are facing right now, this was definitely a huge ray of light! And I hope a reminder to all of us, that God cares about what we are going through! And that He sends people into our lives & blesses us through them. And we are Blessed!

Lexi playing her new Flute!
And practicing non stop once again!
She lost her Flute on Thursday & was able to bring her new one on Monday!
Only going 2 days without an Instrument!


Renee' said...

Ok, I'm in tears...I'm so glad we listened to the Lord and Colette was so gracious without me saying a thing to her.

I know God has many more blessings up his sleeve for you guys!!

We love you all!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome story of the family of God looking out for each other. This made my day :)

Pam said...

What an inspiring story. There are so many kind an loving people in the world. You are fortunate to be friends with one such family. I'm so happy for Lexi! It would have been beyond sad if she hadn't been able to continue making music.