Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our Twilight Tour

When we talked about going to Washington for Vacation there was one thing my girls wanted to see: Forks, Washington! Yes, that's right, Forks, the town the Twilight Books & Movies are set in. So I found tours & booked one I thought sounded the best. It's called Team Forks!

Zach & John of course were not interested in doing the Twilight Tour. (Go figure, right?!) There was one thing Zach really wanted to see (besides Mt. Rainier of course) There is in Washington State a Rain Forest. (Who knew? Not me! Zach did though!) :) It's one of a very few Non Tropical Rain Forests in the world. So we looked that up to. (Gotta Love the Internet!) And it is on the Olympic Peninsula, not far at all from Forks! (Score!)

So the boys dropped us off for our Tour & headed into the Rain Forest, then came back to pick us up. We continued on around the Peninsula, making a complete circle. And let me tell you, some of the most beautiful country we've ever seen. More trees than this City Girl, Desert Dweller has seen in her lifetime! Though I did find out Forks is the logging capitol of the world! Guess that explains all the trees! (I'm so smart, I figured that out all on my own!)

Our Tour was supposed to last 2 - 3 hours. We were having so much fun, it went a little over 3 and a half hours! We saw, among other things, the High School, The Hospital Dr. Cullen worked at, The Police Station Bella's Dad works at, Bella's house, The Cullin's House, Jake's House, The Treaty Line, The La Push Beach, The restaurant Bella & Edward go to in Port Angeles. Yes, it was a little cheesy, but also very cool! Kind of like us! :)

Forks is a cute little town, everyone seems to like the attention Twilight has brought their way! There are several tours & gift shops. One restaurant we saw there in town had a sign posted outside that read: Vampires & Werewolves welcome, shirts optional! :)

Now the movies weren't actually filmed in Forks. The Books are set there & the places described in the books are really there. They took stills of the houses, school, town, etc. to build their sets, but most of the filming was done in Canada & in Oregon. On the tour bus, between stops we watched a behind the scenes video on the making of the movies!

I'll show you the Rain Forest pics first & save the best for last! :) They really loved seeing the Rain Forest & talked about how incredible it was! The pictures can't really do it justice.

Told you it was Beautiful!

John, in a land of Giants!

Moss, it guess it rains a lot in a Rain Forest!

That's Zach under that tree

Even the fallen trees grow new ones!

Hope you enjoy our Tour of Forks as much as we did!

The Hospital

Actual Parking sign outside of the Hospital

The High School

Bella's Truck as described in the Books

Bella's Truck that was used in the movies!
(It's a few years newer than the other one I believe)

Bella's House

The Cullen House as described in the books
(Though the one they built for the movies was much cooler!)

"Alice" was home!

Edwards Piano & the Graduation Caps!

Lexi & Erica with Alice, their favorite Vampire!

The restaurant in Port Angeles where Edward & Bella had their first date!
You can even have the Mushroom Ravioli that Bella ordered!

The Treaty Line!

Jacob Blacks House

Team Jacob!

The Beach at La Push

The girls ready to hear the story about "The Cold Ones"

Don't Jump!

We even found "wolf" prints in the sand! :)

And I thought I'd save the best picture for last! Jacob & I going for a spin on his motorcycle! :)


C. JoyBell C. said...

You know, I didn't know how much I like Twilight, until I saw a poster for the new installment recently, and I actually screamed!!!!!! AHAHAHAAHHA!!!! I would love to go on that tour!!!!! : )

I must say though, I don't read those kinds of books, but I really enjoy the movies! : )

Star Forbis said...

Actually the Books are much better than the movies! We can't wait for the Breaking Dawn Premier either! I've already asked for it off work so we can go to the Midnight showing! :)