Saturday, September 1, 2012

Working At The Airport

Working at the Airport is really a lot of fun! Terminal 4 at Phoenix Sky Harbor is literally like working in a Mall, with all she shops & a food court. But there are a few differences . . . in a Mall, for instance, you don't usually see People sleeping, which you do in the Airport. And most of your customers are pulling luggage behind them. My favorite was seeing big, gruff looking guys pulling floral or polka dot suitcases! Too cute!
I was overseeing a couple stores at a time & had to go back & forth through Security. I had been fingerprinted & had a Lanyard that got me through the first part of Security & I got to go through the walk through scanner, as opposed to stand with my arms up & get my x-ray picture taking. :) And unless it beeped, I didn't have to take off my shoes! It got tricky when I had to bring my lunch through Security. Not being able to take any liquids through, I had to buy drinks on the other side & even things like yogurt, dressings or sauces would sometimes get confiscated! I think it depended on how hungry the TSA person deciding was that day. :)


I was excited at the possibility of getting to see Celebrities in the Airport. Some of my co-workers had seen Grant Hill, the NBA player, and being from Phoenix & having lived in the Detroit area, we are big fans of his. And Clint Eastwood's wife once shopped in one of our stores. That was before her Reality show. But, as for me, here are my Celebrity Sightings:


Charo! Remember her from back in the day? With the "Couchie, Couchie, Coo?" She had an Entourage with her to carry luggage, her Guitar, Etc. And her looks exactly the same as it always has!

Jessica Sanchez, the first runner up on this seasons American Idol. It was the morning after the American Idol Tour Concert here in Phoenix. She was all alone, and even though it was extremely early in the morning & she looked really tired, she would stop in the Airport & take pictures with fans. I though that was nice of her.

And I met Bert. You know from Sesame Street. Well, I met the person who is the Voice of Bert. And believe it or not, it is a Young, Tall, Blond, Girl! Go figure! What a fun job that would be though.

All in all I worked in the Airport for exactly 4 months. Like I said it really is a fun job! I Love People & Travel & I met people from all around the world! Too many Countries to name. It was fun to hear the different accents & languages. I met a woman from back east who every year she & her family choose a different State & would go visit & tour that state. Arizona proved to be one of their favorites! What a fun idea! The only down side to this job was that the Airport is open EVERY day of the year! (And on a side note if you want to travel with no crowds, the 4th of July would be a perfect day for you, there was NOBODY at the Airport!) And with my girls starting back to school, if I were to continue working every weekend & every Holiday, I'd never see them. Hence the career change. But I will always remember my time there fondly, as fun & exciting. But for now must say "Bon Voyage!" :)

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