Saturday, May 4, 2013

First Concerts Part 1!

My girls have been to concerts before in Church or at a Festival, 
but never in a stadium, like a real concert, before. 
Well that is all about to change:

Lexi's favorite group is Paramore!
Here she is in her Paramore T-shirt she got for Christmas, 
heading to her first ever Concert! 


Paramore is a Rock Band,
with a Unique sound. 
One of their first big hits for Lexi was on the Twilight Movie Soundtrack! 

The Lead Singer is Hayley Williams! 
(No my little girl was NOT reading Cosmo!) :) 
She was just so excited when she saw her on the cover,
she had to get a picture! :) 

On the Day of the Concert
Lexi commented on an Instagram Hayley Williams had posted, 
And to Lexi's Amazement, she commented back! 
Lexi was so thrilled to get a mention from her Idol! 

Her dates for her first Concert;
her Dad & Big Brother, Kyle.
She had been counting down the days for Months! 

She had so much fun! 
And Loved every minute of the Concert!

Now she loves Hayley Williams 
and Paramore even more! 
I remember my very first concert . . . 

My older sister took me to see
 The Commodores! :)

I still, to this day, have a special place in my heart for Lionel Richie! 
He has a new(ish) Album out 
of Duets of his greatest hits with some of Country Music's biggest stars
It brings back so many Great Memories!
If you don't have it, get it. It's so good!

Do you remember the First Concert you ever went to?
Lexi will. 
I'm so glad she got to go!

And coming up latter this month
her Twin Sister
will attend her First Ever Concert! 
I'm not gonna give it away, but,
Stay tuned for First Concerts Part 2! :) 

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The Dose of Reality said...

Nothing better than a first concert! She looks like she had a blast! :) Stopping by from SITS.-The Dose Girls