Saturday, October 12, 2013

Breakfast At Tiffany's Sweet 16 Party!! Part 1

For Months now, we've been planning this Party! Every other Saturday, when Goodwill has their extra 50% off sale we hit up a couple of them, as well as our local Dollar Store & anywhere else we happen to be shopping & look for anything in Tiffany Blue that we could use. It's been a lot of fun & all our hard work has finally paid off!

We got these Big Initials for the girls & spray painted them, along with some old wooden Frames we had & our cardboard Eiffel Tower (from their Paris Party a couple years ago) in the Tiffany Blue color.

I took the day before the Party, the day of & the day after off work. And with dollar store wrapping paper, I turned the above picture into the below picture of props of Tiffany boxes! :)

We wanted to set up a "Photo Booth" at the party, where everyone could take pictures & ham it up with some fun Props. 

So the ever creative Erica made a bunch of fun Props for it! :) And the pics turned out so cute! You'll have to stay tuned to see for yourselves!

We used all the little "Treasures" we've collected over the last few months to put together all the Center pieces.

They were all so cute & no two were alike! So many cute details!


We printed off some sayings from, or about Breakfast At Tiffany's to use as well.

I just loved the look & how well it all turned out. So Lovely, Elegant & Chic & best of all, inexpensive! Win Win!!

There were a lot of details from the Book &/or Movie (which are different from each other, BTW) that we included as well.

Most of the Sweet 16 Party stuff out there is Hot Pink & Black (which I love, but Lexi is NOT into Pink at all!) so it was kinda fun to do something different, that you don't always see!

I found this large Audrey Hepburn Framed print at Ross! I just love it!

A new Friend of mine from our Church makes Candy Centerpieces & made these as a gift to us out of real Tiffany & Co. bags & boxes! Breakfast At Tiffany's is her Favorite Movie. They were so Beautiful!

I had an Idea for a Party Favor (and of course my Awesome Computer Tech of a Husband made them!) a wrap for a Breakfast bar with a picture of the Girls from their Breakfast At Tiffany's photo shoot, that says "Thank you for having Breakfast At Tiffany's with us."

Our Treat Bags had in them the Breakfast Bars, some Hershey Kisses & a lolly pop in our color. Of course some Black Sunglasses! (You can't Breakfast At Tiffany's without Black Sunglasses!) And a big Diamond Ring Key Chain (so cute, even though you can't really see it well in this picture!) And of course, with Twins, we had to include some Doublemint Gum! :)

And since we had boys coming to this party too (Yikes! :0) we had treat bags for them as well, with more Masculine, but still Black Sunglasses. And some novelty "Mustache" notepads for fun.

For food we decided on "Breakfast" type finger foods to go with our Theme, we had Chex Cereal Mix, mini Cinnamon Rolls & Powdered Donuts, Fruit, Tortilla Wraps & some Granola, along with some different kinds of candy! We had our Cake/Cupcake combo made at Sams Club. White Cake (my girls' favorite!) and Chocolate cup cakes! I told them I needed it to look like a Tiffany's box with a white bow! I think they did a really good job (even though they had to call me 3 times to get it right!) :) We added the little Pearl candies to the Cupcakes. And had them write on the Cake "Happy Sweet 16" then we changed up the Tiffany & Co. on several things for the Party to "Twins & Co."


When we picked up the Cake on the day of the Party, our Cashier at Sams Club was a young black guy in his early to mid 20's when he saw the cake he asked us about the party & when I told him the Theme was Breakfast At Tiffany's, he says "That is one of my all time Favorite Movies!" He then proceeded to Quote the entire Movie to us! He showed us a pic of his 21 year old Girlfriend (who is also a Twin! BTW) :) who he had just made watch Breakfast At Tiffany's, since she had never seen it! I told my girls' "And you thought no young person would know Breakfast At Tiffany's!" He is now our Favorite Cashier ever! And I think his Mom is now one of my Hero's, she must have raised her boy right! :)

So those are most of the details from our party planning. I started a private board on Pinterest with Party ideas that my girls & I could pin to. Guess I can make it public now! They just didn't want their friends to know what the Theme was before they received their Invitations! Everything about the Party turned out so Beautifully & Fun! Photos of the event itself will follow shortly! Still can't believe my Baby Girls are now Sweet 16!


Judy Rogers-Camel said...

What a FABULOUS job you all did! I can't wait to see the other pictures! Every little detail you did was PERFECTION! I just love, love, love it!

Unknown said...

Beautiful Job, love all the attention to detail! Brilliant! I hope you know, you just set yourself up for 2 fabulous wedding productions.

Unknown said...

Beautiful Job Star. Sooo much detail in all areas.... I think The Forbis Family should be Party / Wedding Planners♥️

Unknown said...

Wonderful job Forbis family, such fun details. I'am sure it was the party of the year. Can't wait to see the pictures
Thanks so much Star for sharing everything.

Unknown said...

Can you please give me suggestions for sweet 16 venues nyc? want to enjoy of sixteen with great fun and celebrations. Please suggest if possible.