Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Word For 2014

Have you ever thought of picking a Theme Word for the new year? 
A word you'd like to live by throughout that year. 
I have! 
I remember giving my son "Find a Date in 2008!" ;) 
But this year I don't have a catchy slogan, 
just 1 word: 


Hope has always been one of my favorite words! 
When I was pregnant with Twin girls 16 years ago
who were due in mid October
I wrote in my Journal that if they were due closer to Christmas
I would name them Hope & Holly!

When 2013 ended with me loosing my job & my families Health Insurance
as a tried & true Worrier 
my first instinct is to crawl into bed & cry! 
And just stay there!

But you always have a Choice!
You can look at all the negative & dwell on that
or you can try to see the positive in things! 
I always try to be positive, but sometimes it's much harder than it seems. 

I've always said: When life hands you Lemons, 
throw them at someone!" :) 
Just kidding!
but the point is you can always find something positive in every situation! 

So, going in to 2014
I'm choosing to have Hope!
Hope that I'll find a better job for me soon! 
Hope that my family will be Healthy & Happy!

I love the above picture, 
I put it as my Twitter Cover Photo at the beginning of the year! 
This year, I'm choosing to live on Hope Street! :) 
Because when you have Hope you have everything!

So what do you need in your life this year? 
What would your word for 2014 be?

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