Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Thoughts On 50 Shades Of Grey

You know me, I Love just about anything that makes people want to read! When the 50 Shades Of Grey Books came out, I knew right away they were not my kind of Books. I knew a lot of people who read them and loved them! I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "You have to read 50 Shades!" But, I know Books, and I know my taste in them. I did my research and I knew they were not for me!

Here is my main reason; I have two teen aged Daughters (and two young adult Sons, for that matter) and I have raised them all to understand that it is Never, Under Any Circumstance, alright for a man to hit a woman! Least of all being, for some twisted form of sexual gratification!

Though I have not read the books, I have read summaries, excerpts, and Book Reviews (both good & bad) And to be honest with you, I just don't understand how so many women and mothers think this is okay. I get that its fantasy, but this idea that all women really want is to be controlled, is absurd! Ask any woman living in a shelter, what it really feels like to be controlled, the reality is not romantic in the least!

I'm all about Girl Power! Not giving that Power away to anyone!

I can sum up my thoughts on 50 Shades Of Grey in Six Words:

Violence Against Women Is Not Sexy!

Real men Love & Cherish the woman they love! And That is Sexy!


Anonymous said...

Excellent thoughts, Starlet* !!!!!

Debbie said...

Amen and amen Star!!!

Unknown said...

I did read the first one but not 2 or 3. I agree with you on this matter. It is never ok to hit woman or man. And I for sure am not one to be controlled.
Makes me very happy to know there are parents ink you who teach your kids about love the right way.