Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Meet My Family

I thought I should introduce my family to you, since I'm sure I will be talking (or blogging) about them, and using them as examples in the future. . .

I met John on a Blind Date. (yes, they can work!) And we were married within a year of that first date! That was over 20 years ago! My how time flies when your having fun! He is the Music Pastor at Mesa First Assembly of God in Mesa, Arizona. We've been in the ministry for all of our 20 years together. (and separately since we were teenagers.) We've lived in four different states. He is a great Husband and Father to our kids! He even loves to cook. Having a man that can cook & will sing to you, what could be better than that?!

Our first born is Kyle. He was my hardest baby, never sleeping through the night until he was well over a year old. He was always busy, and wanted to be entertained every minute of every day. He was also a very fun kid to be around. Full of life and adventure (if not mischief!). Definitely my strong willed child. He can talk to anyone, anytime. And thrives on being the center of attention. He's also been in trouble in every school he's ever attended. And now . . . my baby is about to turn 18! Ouch! I constantly have people from young parents who watch him play with their little ones, to senior citizens come up to me to tell me what an awesome young man he is, going out of his way to be helpful at church or in our neighborhood, or purposely meeting new people & making them feel comfortable. And I'm always like "are you sure it's my Kyle?" ; ) I'm sure you will be hearing (or reading) much more about him and all his life adventures!

Next comes Zach. He is 16 months younger than his brother, and has a totally different personality. He slept through the night solidly from 6 weeks on. And he could always entertain himself. Give him some matchbox cars, dinosaurs, or army men and he'd be happy for hours on end. He loves to read & is very scholarly, I've never had to remind him to do his homework, he just does it. (not the case with Kyle!) Zach has always been my shy child. Whenever any adult would speak to him he would hide behind my leg (sometimes almost pulling my skirt off!) He was always content to stay in the back ground. We've had to force him to make friends. Now, at age 16, he has come a long way, and is coming out of his shell. People have commented to me they've never heard him speak before, & now all of a sudden he is very vocal. He's funny, and friendly and still loves to learn, and instead of cars or army men it's all about playing music right now. And he plays his guitar for hours every day. I'm also told by many people what an awesome young man Zach is as well.

And then we have Twin girls Erica & Lexi. Talk about not sleeping through the night, try having new born twins in the house. It was extremely hard, that whole first year (and I'm sure it will be the subject of many blogs to come), not to mention the Terrible Twos, times two! (again, I'm sure more blog's to follow on that subject as well! Painful memories!) They are sweet & Beautiful. It was a whole education watching them play & learn together, and discover the world as a pair, and on their own. And being girls, they talk a lot and squeal loudly and often! We have had to deal with many issues concerning twins: such as to dress alike or not, having to decide weather or not to place them in the same or separate class rooms in school, Speech Issues, etc. And now those precious twin girls are 10 & 1/2. (they would be very upset if I left out that Half!) They continually let me know that they are now "Pre-Teens"! Ugh! I am not ready for them to grow-up! My baby girls.

Well, there you have it . . . "the Forbi' Four!"

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Anonymous said...

I love those pics. They are priceless. Thank you for sharing your life with us and I am looking forward to future updates of your precious family!!!

Love you guys,
Debbie Petersen