Monday, June 30, 2008

Seperation Anxiety

Today my girls left for Church camp. This is their third year to go to camp, but for their first two years, I went with them. I was their dorm leader. I told them, now that they are 10 years old and I've been with them twice, they can go without me. And much to my dismay I got a lot of squeals of delight. They were so excited to go "alone!" (Though one of the good things about being twins, or siblings close in age, is that they are never really alone.)

But, just what happened to the days when they never wanted to be out of my sight? I remember longing for time alone. Now, don't get me wrong, I still love my time alone, but it's nice when those you love want to be with you. (Or at least, act a little bit sad that I'm not going to be there.) And I do know that I wouldn't want it the other way around either, where they could never go anywhere without me. After all, we are raising future adults right? And we want our children to eventually become independent. It just happens too fast!

Both Erica & Lexi did tell us how much they are going to miss us. (It's usually right before bed time, the rest of the time they're kept pretty busy.) And the boys are excited to have a week with no little sisters around! And I'm sure at some point during their first week home I'll think "Can't you go back to camp for awhile?" ;) I'm just a little sad at sending them off. But, we are looking forward to spending some time with just "the Boys" this week, like we did with the girls when the boys were away at camp. And I'm sure I'll go through this all over again on my trip to New York, only I'll be the one having fun and being kept busy.

Turn abouts fair play!

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