Monday, February 16, 2009

25 Random Facts about me!

On Facebook everyone is doing 25 random facts about themselves. Where you write 25 Random facts (hence the name) that everyone may or may not know about you. Then you tag 25 people and they are supposed to do the same thing, and it keeps going. Well finally, after being tagged about 25 times at least, I decided to give in and do one myself. It's fun to find out some unusual things about people you know. So, I decided to share mine here with you . . .

1. Star is my Real Name.

2. I was born on Christmas Day! (Hence the name!)

3. I love all things Christmas! (Except getting older!)

4. Every year from the first of November through the first week of January at least, I listen ONLY to Christmas music! Think about it, even if you hear a commercial in the middle of summer for a Christmas in July sale, and you hear just a few lines of Jingle Bells, It just lifts your spirits and makes you smile! You know I’m right.

5. I am one of 7 children. . . I have 5 Brothers and 1 Sister. ( I'm the second to the youngest, and the baby girl, could you tell?)

6. I met my Husband on a Blind Date! Yes, they do work! (We were set up by one of my brothers and sisters-in-law!)

7. We were married within a year of that first Blind Date!

8. That was over 21 years ago! (And they said it wouldn't last!)

9. I am older than my Husband! (By almost two years, don't tell anyone. Everyone thinks I am younger!)

10. My Husband Rocks! (And I’ve always been attracted to musicians, it started with Donny Osmond and went from there to Andy Gibb and Rick Springfield, and eventually landed on John Forbis! Do I have good taste or what?!)

Donny Osmond, The first love of my life!

11. I've had one planned pregnancy, and I have FOUR children! (I guess God had other plans!)

12. We thought we were done having kids with two little boys, ages 5 & 6, and then found out we were expecting TWIN GIRLS! Our world changed drastically, to say the least!

13. I love being from, and having a Big Family!

14. Those two little boys of ours will be graduating from High School this year and next year! Ouch!

15. I was a Dancer all through High school! Jazz, Ballet, modern, etc. And loved it!

16. I thought I was done with dancing, until as an adult I discovered Hula! My daughters and I took Hula lessons for over three years. And again, Loved it! If we had the time and money we would still be doing it.

17. I started keeping a journal for my girls when I found out I was expecting them.

18. Since that time, I've filled that journal, and almost a second one. And will add another one for the teenage years! These are journals my girls will have even after I'm gone.

19. Some of my most prized possessions are hand written cards and letters from my one and only sister that I lost to cancer at a much too early age.

20. I love to write! And I started a Blog this past year.

21. When I was younger EVERYONE told me I looked like a young Elizabeth Taylor! (I think it was the dark hair and light eyes. But, I’m still only on my first husband though, so I have a lot of catching up to do to be her!)

Me-vs-Elizabeth Taylor

22. If you asked ANYONE to describe me, (besides all the obvious things like: Shockingly Beautiful, Hilariously Funny, and oh so intelligent, not to mention Humble) with out fail, every single one of them, no matter how long they’ve known me or how close they are to me, would use words like “Laid Back”, “Easy-going”, or “Happy-go-lucky” because I am all those things. But if the truth were known, deep down inside, I’m a closet worrier! (Please don’t let my secret out!)

23. I LOVE to read! And I try to always have a book with me! I love books. There is a saying: “When you read a book it becomes a part of you!” and for that reason, I cannot borrow books from friends, or check them out from a library. Because I don’t ever want to give them back. Unless it’s a terribly bad book. I’ve kept almost every book I’ve read! (My loft is full of books if you need proof)

24. My favorite book of all time is Little Women! I read it as a child and fell in love with it, I re-read it as a teenager and still loved it, and as an adult I’ve read it too many times to count. I have several copies of the book and I also have it on tape (John had to listen to it with me on one of our cross country trips) I also have two versions of the movie, the old one with Elizabeth Taylor (I knew I liked her!) and the newer one with Kirsten Dunst and Winona Rider. Both of my daughters had their own copies of Little Women before they were old enough to even read!

25. I love Polka Dots!

How’s that for Random?!


larkswing said...

LOL- that was fun to read! Mine was boring, I would redo it, but I would rather blog! hehe Enjoyed your randomness!

stefanie said...

We share 6, 9, and 20...except I love the library because I am a cheapskate and my husband hates my packrat tendencies.

I've been tagged a lot for this 25 facts things too. I'll have to look for you on facebook.

Nancy said...

What a fun list!

I love the fact that you love having your birthday on Christmas. I like to do a Christmas in July where I listen to Christmas music and watch a Christmas movie -- maybe this year I should add singing happy birthday to you.

On your next Liz-look-a-like photo shoot, darken your eyebrows and wear red lipstick -- I'd suggest darkening your hair for the photo, but that's a bit harder to remove. (Can you tell I'm a visual person?)

It is so cool that you've kept a journal for your girls. What a keepsake!

Was it hard to limit the random facts to 25?

Nancy said...

P.S. If you decided to dye your hair black for the photo, don't tell John who made the suggestion ... maybe just wear a wig.

C. JoyBell C. said...

Oh! I LOVE Little Women! Hey! You have Facebook? So do I! I have been tagged in this thing like a thousand times! Haven't done it yet! lol!

I read Little Women like 20 times when I was a little girl! :)

And I love Elizabeth Taylor! :)

C. JoyBell C. said...


OF COURSE it is okay to add a link to me, on your blog!


luv ya

And thank you also, for the link.


Jaden Paige said...

I did this on facebook, I love it! It's so interesting to find out new things about people you know :)

Thanks for stopping by my poetry blog last month... I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I just now realized I had comments on there! I hadn't posted in months and didn't have comment moderation on (doh!) so imagine my surprise when I found out I had unwittingly been ignoring all of you!! Next time, I promise it won't take so long for me to respond. :)

Star Forbis said...

Thanks Nancy, I'll keep that in mind if I ever do an Elizabeth Taylor photo shoot. These were just some old pictures John had on his computer that I thought looked similar to the poses I found on line of her. Though if I were gonna do one I would probably dress like Cleopatra, or maybe just wear a slip like she did on Cat on hot tin roof. Though it would look much different on me than it did on her! ;)