Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Valentine Tradition

We have a Valentine Tradition we started with our family when the kids were little. Our Valentine Version of The Forbis Family Fun Night! Every Valentines Day we cook a big fancy candlelight dinner. (And when I say we, I mean John, he is the chef after all! I decorate!) There is always a small, special gift at each place setting.

John & I go out on our own date as well, usually on a separate night, for our couple time. This is just a special night that all the kids look forward to every year. We use our good china, and usually serve sparkling cider in our fancy champagne glasses. I remember getting a little Valentine gift from my parents every year until I got married and had my own personal Valentine! How do you celebrate Valentines with your kids?


larkswing said...

That is fun! The last couple years we have whizzed through the day. There has been so many demands - but I miss the fun part. Tonight we went to our Sunday school soup party. It was fun, then we were off to pick my oldest up from his dad's - about 30 miles away. Again, running! :)
Happy Valentines Day!

Nancy said...

Sounds like you are making great memories! When the kids were all at home, we made the day special, and David & I always went out on a different night -- less crowded. Happy V-Day!

C. JoyBell C. said...

Hey! You guys really do all of that for Hearts Day? Wow! I've never even heard of such a thing! I mean, of a family that celebrates Hearts Day THAT much!

I dunno, I don't like Valentines Day, for some reason...I think it makes me sick or something...LOL

stefanie said...

We are sort of hit or miss. Some years we do a special dinner or give small gifts. This year Steve and I went out for breakfast together and brought home two cookies for the girls. They are to-die-for cookies from our favorite bakery. They were happy.

You're making me feel guilty that we haven't been more intentional on v-day, but we do have impromptu celebrations with candlelight occasionally.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tradition!