Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Farewell Boys Of Summer! (Or Spring, in this case)

Well, yesterday was opening day in the MLB! Which means of course Spring training is over. We're sad to see them go. Kyle had a great time working with the Oakland A's! He's saving the money he earned to put toward buying a car. I finally had the day off and was able to go to the very last game of Spring training. It was fun.

Here we are! Go A's!

Olivia went with us (You can see John talking to Kyle in the background)

The team was good to Kyle. I love sports, but, I'm not a big follower of Baseball. Until now, that is. My new favorite player is Matt Holiday (because he gave Kyle a big tip, at least I have my priorities straight, right?!) He also got signed bats from Jason Giambi, and other team paraphernalia.

This is Kyle on Sunday, wearing an A's tie to Church! ;)

The A's opening game was on T.V. yesterday, so Kyle ran upstairs and came down wearing their jersey and cap to watch the game in. He said it's strange to see the guys he was hanging out with every day on T.V. now. Here's hoping for a good season!


Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

Baseball season means summer is coming! Yeah!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today!

Nancy said...

Glad you've become a baseball fan. What a great experience for Kyle!