Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Speech Easy Revisited

Earlier this year Erica graduated out of Speech. Both girls had been in speech since preschool. Well, now it's Lexi's turn! I had a meeting with the speech therapist at the girls school today, and Lexi is now graduating out of speech as well! She is so excited to finally be done with it. It's hard to always be pulled out of class. It's really helped though, and was so worth it, but it's good to finally be done.

Good Job Lexi! You Rock!

This was the girls around the first time they were tested in their speech!
They are in 5th grade now, and finally done!
They deserve two thumbs up!!

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C. JoyBell C. said...

Oh my gosh! Your girls are soooooo pretty and precious! What a special photo you've got right there!

And... two thumbs up for the two lovely girls!!!