Monday, July 13, 2009

A Leap In Time

I don't exactly know how it happened. But my baby boy has just turned 19!
My how Time Fly's!

(Kyle flying through the air!)

He was due on the 4th of July, and being a Christmas baby myself, I thought how cool for a kid to be born on the 4th and think all these fireworks and celebration were for him! John told people since my name was Star, if our child was born on July 4th we were naming it Spangled! But, of course he came a week late! 7/11 is his Birthday!

Kyle has always been a fun kid. It was not unusual to find him dressed up as some super hero, or his favorite animal, or running around with nothing on at all! (I won't show any pictures of that!) :) Though he may be older, some things never change . . .
Kyle as Captain Jack Sparrow!
(A local elementary school had him come to a book night they did on pirates, he looked, acted and sounded just like the real thing!)

At the opening night of the X men movie, dressed like Wolverine himself!

Happy Birthday to my Little Boy!


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday, Kyle! Just think, in less than one year, he will no longer be a teenager ... oh, sorry for that reminder, Star.

Spirit Jump said...

Happy Happy Birthday! What great pictures too :)

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C. JoyBell C. said...

Well since he was born on 7/11 you could've named him Slurpy!!! :)

I know that sounds corny, but seriously, every time I think "7/11" I think "slurrrppppyyyy" :)

John said...

Slurpy would have gone along with what she wanted to name our second boy...Canyon! :)