Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Twin Day

My girls had "Twin Day" at school. It was part of Spirit week.
Now usually they will dress to match their friends, but NEVER their sister!
But, they decided to this year.
Go figure, twin sisters dressing like twins! What a concept?!
They looked so cute!

It has been awhile since they actually dressed alike.
Even when they were little, I usually dressed them in the same thing,
just in different colors.
Or outfits that "went together" but, weren't exactly the same.

Once in awhile someone would give them the exact same thing,
so we'd dress them alike for fun or something special.
Until they got old enough to where they would tell me
their sister was wearing that,
so they couldn't possibly!
(I'm so sure Mom!)
(But I still tried! It's just so stinking cute!)


Laura said...

Growing up my daughter always says she wanted a tattoo, so when she turned 18, she got her first. She is now 19 & has a LOT of tattoos, which I also wrote about on my blog. I've gotten used to it now.

Laura said...

Oops! Almost forgot, Happy Sharefest!!