Thursday, June 3, 2010

Senior Year II - Graduation

My Baby Boy has Graduated from High School!
Our High School is so large we hold our Graduation
at Arizona State University.
There were 777 Graduating students.
That's a lot of names to call!

Here he is receiving his diploma!

Zach sang with his Choir sang during the ceremony. . .

He made it up on the Mega Tron!

After the Ceremony:

I am NOT old enough to be the parent of two college age young men!
You can read here about Kyle's graduation last year.
It's both exciting & heart breaking watching
your little boys growing into men.

The Proud Parents!

Zach with Aunt Pat & Grandma!
(John's sister & Mom)

We Are Family!

With the little sisters!

Lexi trying on the cap.

Erica seeing how it fits!

And Kyle's girlfriend of over two and a half years,
Olivia, Graduated from High School as well.

Kyle with The graduate.

Congratulations Olivia, We're so proud of you!

And guess who will be next? . .

It's official, the girls are now officially in Jr. High!
Say it ain't so!
You can help me prepare them for it here.


jeans online said...

These tweens are really looking gorgeous.

Young Wife said...

Congratulations Zach!