Sunday, July 11, 2010

A day that changed my life forever: 7/11/90

20 years ago today, I became a Mother for the first time!
A whole new world opened up for me then.
My heart growing.

With my baby boy, so full of life & wonder.
Expectation & Questions!
Teaching him, while learning myself.

Kyle, always such a fun, and funny kid,
Except that first year,
when he NEVER slept through the night!

Trying my patience, which I discovered I didn't have!

Out going & happy as could be.
Every person he ever met, young or old,
was a potential new friend.
And he would win them all over!

Even now, still so full of life & fun!
No longer a boy, but a man!
Where has the time gone?

How is it possible?
That my Baby Boy is now no longer a kid?
No longer a Teenager, but 20 years old today?

I am Blessed to be His Mom!
My little Man!
Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

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