Saturday, May 28, 2011

Competition Between Twins

My girls both ran Track for the first time. They've spent many years watching their older brother, Zach run in both Jr. High & High School, and they always said when they got to Jr. High, they were gonna do track as well! Earlier in the year Lexi ran in Cross Country & Erica tried out for Softball. She didn't make the team, but the coach told her she had a really good arm! She went & cheered her sister on in all the Cross Country Meets.

Twins sister & Team mates!!

In Track, they did some of the same events & did some separately. Both girls threw discus & ran Hurdles. Lexi also did Long Jump & Erica did Shot Put. They made a lot of new friends, had a great time & really loved being part of a team.

Lexi on the Long Jump!

Erica doing Discus!

At the end of the season, the coaches chose a group of kids who could possible go to Conference, the rest of the team didn't have to come to practice or work out any longer after the regular season was finished. Both of the girls were in that chosen group. At the end of the week they posted a list of the kids & alternates that would be going to Conference. Only one of the girls names was on that list. This is what Lexi Tweeted that day: "not going to conference for but is! you go sis!!"

It's always hard when one child gets something the other doesn't. But, I've always tried to encourage my kids to be happy for others, even when things don't work out the way you wanted them to. Erica went to Conference for Discus & got her longest distance that day! And Lexi was cheering her Twin sister on! We are so proud of both our girls!

The school made T-shirts for Conference with all the kids who represented their school names on the back. Both my girls wanted a shirt! And even though Lexi's name wasn't on it like her sisters was, she wore her shirt proudly! And likewise, when Lexi played her Flute solo for her Band concert, all the kids were talking about it the next few days at school & telling her how great she did. Erica was right there saying "yeah, she did really good, didn't she?!"

I'm always happy when one of my children exceed in things, and like all Moms, I'm proud to show off my great kids! (hence the Blog!) :) But, when you are a Mom of Twins, people always ask you questions like: who's the bossy one, is their a "good twin" & an "evil twin?" Do they get along? Is one a leader & one a follower? Are they best friends? Etc. And here are some of my answers: One is more bossy the majority of the time! Neither one is Evil, and if you say that again, you will see how evil I can be! :) They get along great most of the time! They also fight like I suspect any siblings do. They seam to take turns leading & following, though each has her own personality type. They are best friends (but can be worst enemy's from time to time as well)

Showing their team spirit:
Lexi (above)

Erica (below)

And this year, for really the first time in their lives, I got to see how they would handle competition between each other. And I must say I'm proud of they way they have handled it! Which is a good thing, cause I'm sure we have many more years of competing in sports, music, for friends, grades, attention, etc. (hopefully one thing they will not compete for is boys!) I might not survive that one! :)

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