Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tonka Truck!

My son, Kyle has been driving a little car we bought cheep & now it won't pass emissions testing. It needs a new transmission, which will cost more than the car is worth. I HATE car trouble! So, while we've been deciding what to do with it, he got a ticket for driving with expired tags. UGH! It's an expensive ticket too. So John & Kyle went to court & got an extension. Then with Kyle working full time now (while still being a full time College student) And his income tax return, he was able to buy (and pay cash for) his first car! (And the judge lowered the fine for the ticket with proof that he no longer is driving that car!) He got a cute little black truck. Chevy S10.


Proud of his first vehicle!

"Riding in cars with Boys"

Even our little Tinkerbell had to check it out! :)

Congratulations Kyle! Now no more tickets! :)

Seems like just yesterday he was playing with
Tonka Trucks!
Now he's driving one! :)


Pam said...

Congrats to Kyle! Not on only the new car, but for the fact that he was able to pay cash for it while also being a student. Pretty impressive.

jane said...

Go Kyle :D
Wish we could have saved to pay cash for our car!