Sunday, June 5, 2011

Carry On My Wayward Son . . .

The other day at work one of my co-workers gets a phone call from her husband, some friends of theirs had bought tickets back in February to see Kansas in concert. Something came up with their kids & now that the concert was here, they couldn't go. But, my friends husband had a meeting at work, so they weren't able to take the tickets either. I mentioned my husband & I might be interested in the tickets if they couldn't find anyone. They had a few more friends they wanted to offer them to. I didn't think anymore about it, nor did I mention it to my husband, who we all know is a Rock'n Roller! :)

The next day I get a text from my friend that no one could use the tickets, so she had them for me if I still wanted them. I asked John "Do we have any plans for tonight? How would you like to see Kansas in Concert?" Well, even if we had had plans, I'm pretty sure he would have changed them! So, we went out to dinner & got an unexpected date night!

The concert was at Celebrity Theater in Phoenix. It's a small round theater in which the stage turns in a circle, so no matter where you sit, you get to see the performance from front, back & everything in between! To a musician like my husband, that is what its all about. Actually being able to see the Guitar players finger positioning, etc. (It's all Greek to me! I just want to hear some good music & dance!) :)

The seats were amazing! The only thing between us & the stage was the small Orchestra pit, in which held the sound board. And with my husband being a Music & Arts Pastor, he loves to check out all that equipment at any concert we go to.

We were both wearing our Toms Shoes (cause we're cool like that I guess) Before the concert started, we had our feet up on the ledge overlooking the pit, so we had to snap a pic.

This was a view of the stage before the concert started. A local comedian opened the show.

But of course a Guitar player has to take pictures of the instruments of choice. After telling me of course what kind they are & a little of the Guitar's history, etc. Please don't ask me to repeat it, because, well, you know me! :)

We had so much fun. The concert was really so good. They are such talented musicians! I've never seen a Violin Rock out like that before! As the stage turns you get to see everything even how the drummer plays from behind.

The crowed was mostly our age & older people. :) After all the band has been around for 4 decades! But I loved seeing a few younger people there too. You can't really tell from this picture below, but this boy (with the Justin Beiber hair) was standing up by the stage & one of the Guitar players handed him his Guitar pick! Loved that moment! Someone parents like we do, making sure our kids know old school music along with the new!

When our oldest son, Kyle, graduated from High School a couple of years ago, for his Graduation party we put together a slide show of pictures throughout his life, & we did it to the Kansas song: Carry On My Wayward Son. So, that of course is my favorite Kansas song! And the one they did very last! And oh yeah, it was worth waiting for!


Pam said...

Sounds like a fabulous evening. My husband and I attended a concert at the Celebrity Theater in the late 80s. We still talk about what a great venue it is! I've never been to one better. It's nice to know it's still there.

Anonymous said...

Sweet ticket score! We love Kansas too! And Boston! And Bon Jovi!
Now I've got Carry On My Wayward Son stuck in my head, thankyouverymuch!