Friday, August 26, 2011

The Help

I've Blogged before about reading the Book The Help. And you know I usually wait till after I've seen a Movie to decide weather or not to read the Book. I've learned if I like a Movie I will Love the Book! But too often if I've read the book & liked it, I'm always disappointed in the Movie! Because they obviously can never put everything that is in a book into a two hour movie.

But this time I did it backwards (or like most "normal" people!) I read the Book first. And I LOVE this Book! I can honestly say it is one of my Favorite Books of All Time! And that is a Big deal for me to say! I love a lot of Books, but there are very few (only a handful) that get into the All Time Favorite Category! But The Help is one of them!

Love Emma Stone, who played Skeeter
and is an Arizona Girl, born & raised BTW!

So needless to say I was very skeptical about seeing this Movie. I was really hoping the Movie would do the Book justice. But I was mentally prepared to be disappointed & not like it. I wanted my 13 year old daughters to see it with me because having read the Book, I knew it was an important message for them to hear. A bunch of Girlfriends I haven't seen in way too long all got together to see it. There were 9 women & 3 teenage girls! So good to see those friends again.

Ron Howard's daughter Bryce (who also played Victoria in Eclipse)
did a great job playing the evil Hilly!
(Though I bet it will be awhile before she eats Chocolate Pie again! haha)

And I must say I LOVED the Movie! Yay! I was so pleasantly surprised. Having read the Book & knowing what would happen I found myself giggling at what I knew was about to happen in the Movie before it did. :) I also knew since having read it, that I wouldn't cry during the Movie. Wrong! I Blubbered like a baby! Surprising even myself. I went to work the next day & my eyes were still sore & swollen from crying so much! I think maybe I cried even more because having read the Book, I felt like I really knew these women!

Loved that my girls were repeating this all important line
after seeing the Movie!

The Book does give you much more details & background into the characters. And there were several things that happened in the Book that I really wish could have been in the Movie, but of course not everything can. But over all, they really did a great job adapting the Book into a Movie! I love them both! And I would highly recommend you see the Movie & read the Book. ASAP!

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