Wednesday, September 26, 2012

They Say That Breaking Up Is Hard To Do . . .


I've talked before, as many a Mother has. about what's it's like when your kids start dating. But no one really talks about what it's like when they break up with their Girlfriend/Boyfriend. We've all gone through Breakups in our lifetimes. But like everything, it's different when it's your kids.
My oldest son, Kyle had a few girlfriends through out Jr. High & High School, none lasting more than a few months at the most. Then he met Olivia. 

She was not only our son's Girlfriend, but she was part of our family for over 3 and a half years.

She also worked for me for over a year & a half, when I managed a Clothing store. She's a precious, sweet & fun girl.

 There were Concerts, Proms, Vacations, Graduations.

She was part of the family for so long, she even made it into one of our Family Santa photos! :)

And I have to admit, I cried when they broke up. Since then (It has now been awhile since they broke up and I got both of their permissions to write this Blog post before hand!) :) She has invited our family to see her sing & we all went. The day I sat in line for the Hunger Games Premier, she came by & sat with me for a while so we could catch up on each others lives. She has even brought her new Boyfriend by my store so I could meet him. I had to just keep reminding myself if it's not meant for these two great kids to be together, than God must have someone even better for each of them.

And my other son, Zach now has a pretty serious Girlfriend, Kendra, that we love & are having fun getting to know as well. And my girls, no matter how much they might protest, are not yet dating! :) But as my boys bring girls in & out of their lives, there will always be one girl that's always here. Mom!


Kim said...

I can only imagine how hard it is on everyone when your child breaks up with someone who has been in the family for awhile. I remember my Mom crying when I broke up with my boyfriend while in highschool - I think she was more upset than I was ;) My children are still very young, so I have quite a few years before I have to deal with this...but I am sure it will be inevitable that I will have to eventually!

Found you via SITS Sharefest.

Ginny Marie said...

This is one aspect of parenting that I haven't thought of yet! But I'm sure it will come my way eventually...

Laura Wells said...

Oh my. I can't imagine. I have two girls ages 8 and 10, and blog about raising girls. We haven't even started dating around here but I can't imagine the break ups. Aaagh. I've impressed that both of them gave permission for you to blog about it--I really wondered how you were handling that aspect of this! Visiting from Sharefest.

Unknown said...

My mother-in-law told me when I first met her that I was the one for her son with so much intensity it actually scared me, and I never forgot it. My husband and I have done a lot of yo-yo dating throughout the years and even married other people, only to end up back together. This time we're married to each other and in it for the long haul.