Friday, September 13, 2013

Farewell to Summer, Welcome to Fall!!

The last Official Weekend of the Summer is Labor Day Weekend. Our Church had a Staff Retreat for all the Staff & their families at a Beautiful Resort in Tucson. It was the perfect way to say Goodbye to Summer . . .

The Resort we stayed at is Loews Ventana Canyon. Beautiful Arizona Desert, surrounded by Majestic Mountains! The perfect getaway for a long weekend off of work!

We had free time to hike, hang out, swim, sleep. Whatever we wanted. Our boys had to work, so it was just the girls that went with us. I have a Brother & Sister In Law in Tucson & we were able to meet them for lunch both coming & going! Bonus!

I found my Happy Place! In our Hotel Room was the largest Bathtub I have EVER seen. I could have spent my whole weekend right there! :) I swear you could have sat 2 or 3 People shoulder to shoulder in there!

We found a Beautiful Waterfall right in the middle of the Dessert . . .

So of course we had all had to pose with it! :) Me!

My Man!

My Beautiful Erica!

The Lovely Lexi!

We saw a lot of Amazing Flora & Fauna!!

Yes, for you non Arizonians: The Desert Can be Very Beautiful, it's not just a lot of dirt!

But don't try to pick the Flowers! Ouch! :)

My other Happy Place; as the sun worshiper that I am, just give me a comfortable lounge chair, plush towels, good music playing at a Swimming pool in the warm sun with a good book in a Beautiful setting & I am one happy camper! They had sunscreen for guests & free Snow cones, with a blow up water slide for the kids & the adults brave enough! (you know who you are!) ;)

The resort had coy ponds with free fish food. They also bring in small animals & set up displays in the lobby in the afternoons. This resort is very Family Friendly! And since it was a Holiday weekend, on Friday night they had out on a patio, free Cotton Candy, Snow Cones & even Glow Sticks for the kids & they did a Fire Works show that would rival any 4th of July display we've ever seen! We also saw a lot of Bats flying around at night, which you always do in the Mountains in Arizona!

As you can see we made good use of the Glow Sticks! ;) We had a Hospitality Suite where we all met to eat, play games, watch Football & just hang out! It was great getting to know the other staff members & their families!

On the grounds of the resort they have a Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden. So Beautiful!

By the swimming pool & everywhere you went, you would see Butterflies flying around! So sweet & unexpected!

In all our group had 29 adults & 18 kids! Wow! It was so nice to get away, make some new friends, relax & have fun! It was a great ending to a Great Summer! 

I do love Summer, but it's this time of year, once School starts & Labor Day has come & gone, that I am ready for Fall. I'm ready to wear Boots & Scarves. It's unfortunate that the weather in Arizona isn't quite as ready for it as I am though! At 100 plus degrees, I don't think I'll be wearing scarves anytime soon. :( But I will welcome Fall as soon as it can get here!

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